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Casha: How Will "Follow The Leader Mikie” Vote On Impeachment

Kinnelon, NJ- Larry Casha candidate for the 11th Congressional District released the following

How will “Follow the Leader Mikie” vote on Impeachment?


2020 election

“The impeachment proceedings of President Trump have been under the microscope since day
one, questioned, attacked and defended by many pundits and talking heads. Speaker Pelosi
attacked the President with much fervor, charging him over the past several weeks with bribery.
All the while, Representative Mikie Sherrill followed the Speaker’s lead.”

“Now, the case for impeaching the President is for having abused his power and obstructed a
congressional investigation into his conduct in Ukraine. Wait…Where did the "bribery" charge go?

Why were Pelosi and Sherrill so convinced that it was a clear case of bribery yet now,
bribery is nowhere to be found? The answer is that the word “bribery” tests well in the “swing”
states. However, bribery is, and always was, a false charge. In her campaign just last year,
Representative Sherrill repeatedly said “FACTS MATTER” !!! So why didn’t facts matter when
accusing the President of the United States of bribery? Will the facts matter to Representative
Sherrill when she is presented with the opportunity to vote on impeachment or will she just
follow the leader?

“The false bribery charge is just one more example of “Follow the Leader Mikie”. She said in
the 2018 campaign that she would & bring new leadership to Washington. Well, it looks like the same old Nancy Pelosi politics to me.”