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59 Muhlenberg College Student-Athletes Honored


Fifty-nine Muhlenberg College student-athletes were recognized for their performance in the classroom and on the field with their selection to the Centennial Conference Academic Honor Roll for the fall 2019 season.
To be named to the Academic Honor Roll, a student-athlete must be a sophomore or higher in class standing and carry at least a 3.40 cumulative grade-point average.

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In addition, seven Mules were named to the Academic All-Centennial team for earning spots on the Academic Honor Roll and the All-CC team in their sport. 
Following is an alphabetical list of the Muhlenberg students who were honored (pictured above, left to right), with their class year, sport and major(s). An asterisk indicates a Mule senior who made the Academic Honor Roll each of the last three fall seasons. Academic All-Centennial honorees are designated with an exclamation point.
Lauren Achey, Sophomore, Volleyball, Public Health                                                                           
Max Allanson-Dundon, Sophomore, Football, undeclared                                                              
Matthew Athanas-Linden, Senior, Men's Soccer, Economics               
Marielle Avola, Sophomore, Women's Soccer, undeclared                                                              
Gnim Bazim, Junior, Men's Soccer, Media and Communication                                       
Keith Berberich, Sophomore, Football, undeclared                                                                              
Brian Biskaduros, Junior, Football, Accounting/Business Administration !
Laura Boll, Senior, Volleyball, English/Business Administration *                                                
Josh Bordwick, Sophomore, Men's Soccer, undeclared                                                                              
Erich Buerkert, Senior, Men's Soccer, Computer Science                                                   
Jordan Cimring, Senior, Men's Soccer, Economics/Finance *                                                  
Zach Cimring, Senior, Men's Soccer, Media and Communication/Film Studies *                   
Mitch Daniel, Junior, Football, Biology                                                                                    
Noam Davidov, Sophomore, Men's Soccer, undeclared                                                                              
Ryan Dimmick, Senior, Football, Spanish *                                                                                  
Maggie Enestvedt, Senior, Volleyball, Neuroscience *!
Tim Fitzpatrick, Sophomore, Football, undeclared                                                                              
Alex Franchino, Junior, Women's Soccer, English                                                                    
Alexander Gardner, Sophomore, Football, undeclared                                                              
Nicole Gibki, Senior, Women's Cross Country, Chemistry                                              
Nadya Goldstein, Sophomore, Women's Soccer, Psychology/Sociology                               
Kevin Hagan, Senior, Men's Soccer, Computer Science/Finance *                                       
Maleah Hess, Sophomore, Field Hockey, Psychology !                                                                             
Laura Horner, Sophomore, Field Hockey, History                                                                                    
Sarah Hunter, Senior, Women's Soccer, Economics/Business Administration          
Madison Ingling, Senior, Women's Soccer, Physical Science *                                                       
Victor Jacobs, Junior, Men's Soccer, Media and Communication                                       
Karolyn Kawa, Senior, Women's Soccer, Business Administration *                                          
Julianna King, Sophomore, Women's Soccer, Biology                                                                    
Max Kirin, Senior, Football, Computer Science *!
Spencer Kirin, Junior, Football, Mathematics !
Mickey Kober, Senior, Football, Finance *!
Cameron McCauley, Junior, Women's Cross Country, English/Media and Communication                           
Hannah Merlo, Junior, Women's Soccer, Business Administration                                                                           
Casarah Morales, Senior, Women's Soccer, Psychology/Political Science *                                                    
Sam Morgan, Sophomore, Men's Cross Country, Political Science/Finance                                                          
Mia Mulin, Junior, Women's Soccer, undeclared                                                                                              
Gabrielle Neuman, Senior, Volleyball, Finance/Accounting *                                                                
Stephanie Ng, Senior, Women's Cross Country, Biology *                                                                                   
Kristin Oberg, Sophomore, Field Hockey, Finance/Business Administration                                               
Quentin Ogren, Sophomore, Football, Business Administration
Kevin Olifiers, Sophomore, Football, undeclared
Cece Peden, Sophomore, Women's Soccer, Mathematics                                                                                           
Brian Raguseo, Senior, Football, Accounting/Finance                                                                                
Megan Ray, Sophomore, Volleyball, undeclared
Tara Register, Senior, Volleyball, Business Administration/Media and Communication *                                   
Rachel Richards, Junior, Field Hockey, Economics/Mathematics                                                                          
Alyssa Rose, Senior, Women's Soccer, Economics/Finance *                                                                                 
Sam Rothstein, Junior, Football, English                                                                                                                    
Steve Sanders, Sophomore, Football, Neuroscience
Isabel Schwartz, Junior, Women's Soccer, Psychology                                                                                              
Lindsay Scott, Sophomore, Women's Soccer, Biology                                                                                                    
Jordan Segrave, Senior, Field Hockey, Mathematics/Business Administration *!
Carly Shaffer, Junior, Women's Soccer, Biology    
Rebecca Shear, Junior, Volleyball, Neuroscience                                                                                                          
Jonah Silverman, Sophomore, Men's Cross Country, undeclared
Thomas Spinelli, Junior, Football, Psychology                                                                                                              
Morgan Tietz, Junior, Field Hockey, Environmental Science                                                                             
Tyler Wilson, Sophomore, Field Hockey, Psychology