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11 Handy Garage Heaters @HomeBNC


( 31, 2019)--Looking for a high quality garage heater can be tough, because even though these are specialty devices there are a lot of options out there. That’s why we’ve made things simpler by putting together a list of 11 handy garage heaters that you’ll appreciate. These are all top of the line options and we’re sure that you’ll be more than satisfied with any one of these.

Before we get into the 11 handy garage heaters @homebnc, there are a few questions people commonly have about these devices that we’d thought we’d take the time to clear up. 

What exactly is a garage heater and how are they different from the space heaters that you might use in a home?

Garage heaters are designed to be a little more industrial than a typical space heater you might put in a house. Plus, with these they typically require you to mount them onto something so that air can circulate a certain way.

Space heaters usually come with limited features as well whereas with a garage heater you can find them with a wealth of features. For the most part you could argue that any heater you use to heat up your garage is technically a garage heater, but there are options on the market specifically made for this.


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Do you simply plug in these types of heaters once you have one or do they function in some other way?

The majority of these are designed for a person to hardwire them in and not plug them in. On top of this you’ll find that the majority of these tend to be electric options. Not to worry though, there are options available that operate on propane as well as natural gas. Electric options tend to be a little more convenient though because they don’t require any additional fuel in order to operate.

How well do these actually work in order to heat up a garage?

It really will depend on where you live and how cold it gets. These work very well if you have a proper understanding of how large your garage is. The bigger the garage then the more heating capacity you’ll require. On top of this it will help a lot if the garage is properly vented. This will stop heat from escaping, which will mean any unit you purchase won’t have to expand more energy than required.

Some have said that these work best when pointed directly at the area a person is going to be working in. This may be true to a certain extent, but it really does depend on the type you get and what power source it relies on.

Now here are the 11 handy garage heater options for you to check out. Once again these are all premium options:


  • Comfort Zone CZ220 Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater
  • Dr. Infrared Heater DR-966
  • NewAir G56 5600 Watt Electric Heater for the Garage
  • Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988
  • NewAir G73 Hardwired Electric Heater for Garages
  • Homegear 1500W Infrared Electric Portable Space Heater
  • Mr. Heater F260560 Big Maxx MHU80NG Natural Gas Unit Heater
  • Dr. Heater DR218 Greenhouse Garage Workshop Infrared Heater
  • Bio Green PAL 2.0/US Palma BioGreen Basic Electric Fan Heater for Greenhouse
  • Lasko 675919 Stanley Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater
  • Mr. Heater 40,000 BTU Propane Heater for Garages

Are you limited to having to pick one of the options above? No, there are other options out there, but why go through the trouble of scouring the internet when you don’t have to. These are top of the line and can all be found through the same trusted and reliable source. Plus, if you have any additional questions regarding any of these then you can use the source in order to get your questions answered.