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Why I'm Supporting LeRoy Jones for State Chair

Dear Friends and Fellow Democrats:
As a former Democratic State Committee Chairman, I have watched with some apprehension as the current race for State Party chair has occasionally devolved NEW JERSEY POLITICS 2into personal attacks.  I would strongly urge everyone to take a deep breath, pause and consider the cost to our Party if we do not resolve this contest quickly and with minimal rancor.
The people who support Chairman LeRoy Jones are loyal Democrats and party leaders, as are those who support Chairman John Currie. It appears that one side has the requisite number of votes to win, which should negate the need to draw this contest out further. 
As my fellow former State Party Chairman Tom Giblin recently said with respect to the State Committee Chair election, “It would be in the party’s best interest to have a bloodless fight.” I agree with Chairman Giblin, who also asked: “What’s the point of pushing ahead if the numbers aren’t there?”

Those of us who have been through intraparty battles know that the best way to recover from them when an eventual winner is declared is not to get personal and not to cast aspersions on anyone’s motives. The path ahead seems clear: let’s unify as quickly as possible behind the candidate who appears to have already secured the necessary votes to win this contest and refocus our attention on the hard work ahead to elect more Democrats to office. 
In the coming months, the Democratic State Chairman will lead a Party that must be united in retaking the White House, protecting our Congressional delegation, electing Democrats up and down the ballot and planning for reapportionment and redistricting. This is not the time to engage in division and not the time to cast aspersions. It is the time to accept reality and move on to the hard work of electing Democrats. 

In Unity,

Senator Joseph Cryan