Pros of Using Plagiarism Checker Tools for Writers and Scholars


(November 8, 2019)--Thanks to the internet and all its versatility, it has also created a huge nuisance called 'plagiarism'. Writers, researchers, teachers, and everyone who writes has been plagued with plagiarism. Students and some writers have made a habit of copying/pasting content without citing it. This type of theft equates to stealing someone else's brain. Plagiarism, as described in the Oxford dictionary, is "The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own" In precise words, plagiarism is an act of fraud. This freedom to copy/paste a person's original content and use it is one of the biggest problems created by the internet.


To counter the act of intellectual property theft, plagiarism checkers have been designed, programmed, and launched. Today several internet sites offer plagiarism checker services. Choosing the right plagiarism checker is a personal choice. 

There are a number of free plagiarism checker sites as well as those for which you have to pay to use. The difference between free and paid plagiarism checker sites depends on the depth of plagiarism detection that the user wants.


Pros of Plagiarism Checker Sites

All the plagiarism checker sites boast having large databases against which they check for plagiarism. With over 70 billion websites, keeping track of the latest updated content is quite a huge task. Most of the plagiarism checker websites do update their databases quite regularly. 

  • The results sheets of some plagiarism checker sites are quite comprehensive. If plagiarism is detected, they report the percentage of plagiarism detected. In addition, they also display the websites from which plagiarism has been detected. 
  • Plagiarism detectors are fast: a good plagiarism detecting software takes seconds to detect plagiarism and matches the given text sentences with texts on all the live websites around the world. It highlights the copied/plagiarized text and displays the results. 
  • This is a huge facility for writers as it tells them the exact sentences that have been plagiarized. In addition, some universities in the U.S permit a certain percentage of plagiarism for students' assignments. By using a plagiarism detector, students can rest assured that they have not crossed the borderline. You can match your text with the compared result to find the duplicate content.
  • By knowing where you have been suspected of plagiarism, writers can rephrase the sentences or write new sentences to get their point across. This makes it easy for a writer to avoid being singled out for committing plagiarism.
  • Plagiarism detection software is extremely helpful for web writers who are asked to write original content. Due to tight deadlines, some writers do not use plagiarism checker software to check their content, which results in their work getting rejected. 
  • Plagiarism detection software helps writers and academicians to know their limits, which is a precondition for excelling in any field of work or education.
  • Another facility provided by some plagiarism checker software is that in the results sheet, also point out spelling and grammar mistakes. 


Choose Wisely

All the plagiarism detectors are quite easy to use, but you must choose wisely. Writers and academicians must test out various plagiarism checker software sites and decide which one meets their individual requirements. 

Committing plagiarism accidentally can occur. If your style of writing matches that of another writer, you may be plagiarizing unintentionally. If you are engaged in plagiarizing to complete your education or excel in your work, you won't go far. Don't ever think that cheating will make you successful.

Do your writing work diligently and do perform a plagiarism test  to check your work. All that you need to do is to copy/paste your written text in the text box of the application and press submit. In seconds it will return the results, and you will get to know if your written work is unique or not.

Some plagiarism detection sites also check documents stored on subscriber sites. If you need this extensive level of checking, then opt for a plagiarism checker that offers this facility. You might have to subscribe to get this facility, but that is your personal choice. If your work warrants that you use a paid plagiarism checker, use it. 

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