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Pennsylvania Republicans: Don't forget to Vote Tomorrow

Set a calendar reminder!  Leave a note on your refrigerator!  Tie a string around your finger!  However you remember important things in life, do that TODAY to remind yourself to vote tomorrow! Political news 1

Superior Court Candidates Megan McCarthy King and Judge Christylee Peck lead the top of our GOP Ticket.  Judge Christylee Peck has the experience to hit the ground running, currently serving as a highly respected Common Pleas Judge.  Megan McCarthy King is an Assistant District Attorney who has prosecuted child abusers and scammers who target the elderly.  They are the only team that is endorsed by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the only team ready to serve Pennsylvania.

Your local GOP leaders are counting on your vote, from School Boards, to Township Supervisors, to County Commissioners.  Local Government affects your life in so many ways, don’t forget to support your neighbors on the ballot.

If you don’t know where to vote, click here to find your polling place!



Lawrence Tabas


Republican Party of Pennsylvania