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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Base Salary $88,610

State lawmakers in Pennsylvania now draw a base annual salary of $88,610, in addition to mileage or travel outlays of 58 cents per mile, according to a recent study by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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Pennsylvania legislators receive per-diem payments consisting of $177 per day during sessions.

Lawmakers’ salaries can be set by statute, legislatures or compensation commissions, according to the NCSL, which collects information yearly on state lawmaker pay and per diems in the 50 states.

In addition to this compensation, legislators may also receive insurance and retirement benefits, as well as office and staffing allowances.

Legislator Salaries by State in 2019

State Base Salary Mileage in Cents per Mile  Session Per Diem Rate
Alabama $48,123 58/mile Up to $100/day depending on length of trip.
Alaska $50,400 58/mile $322/day
Arizona $24,000 58/mile $35/day for the first 120 days of the regular session and for special sessions and $10/day thereafter. Members living outside Maricopa County get additional compensation.
Arkansas $41,394 58/mile Current per diem rate for legislators who live more than 50 miles from the capitol in Little Rock is $149. Members who live within 50 miles of the Capitol are eligible to receive a reduced per diem (meals and incidentals, no lodging) of $55.
California $110,459 53/mile $201/day for each day in session.
Colorado $40,242 for members whose terms began in January 2019; $30,000 for others. 52/mile Up to $171 for members who live more than 50 miles from the capitol; $45/day for members who live 50 or fewer miles from the capitol.
Connecticut $28,000 58/mile No per diem is paid.
Delaware $46,291 40/mile No per diem is paid.
Florida $29,697 44.5/mile $163/day based on the number of days in Tallahassee (V).
Georgia $17,342 58/mile $173/day (U). Set by the Legislative Services Committee.
Hawaii $62,604 Varies depending on distances and circumstances. $225/day for members who don't live on Oahu.
Idaho $17,879 58/mile; one round trip per week. $139/day for members whose primary residence is over 50 miles from the statehouse; $55/day for members whose primary residence is less than 50 miles from the statehouse. (U)
Illinois $65,836 39/mile $111/session day.
Indiana $26,490 58/mile $181/day (U).
Iowa $25,000 39/mile $169/day; $126.75/day for Polk County lawmakers.
Kansas $88.66/day (C) 58/mile $149/day.
Kentucky $188.22/day (C) 58/mile $163.90/day.
Louisiana $16,800 Senate; $22,800 House 58/mile $161/day.
Maine $10,131 44/mile $38/day lodging (or mileage and tolls up to $38/day in lieu of housing). $32/day for meals. Set by statute.
Maryland $50,330 58/mile $47/day, meals. $106/day, lodging.
Massachusetts $66,257 Members receive stipends based on distance. No per diem is paid.
Michigan $71,685 58/mile $10,800/year expense allowance for session and interim (V). Set by the compensation commission.
Minnesota $45,000 58/mile $86/d for senators; $66/d for representatives.
Mississippi $23,500 58/mile $149/day.
Missouri $35,915 37.5/mile $119/day.
Montana $92.46/day (L) 58/mile $120.11/day.
Nebraska $12,000 58/mile $149/day for members residing 50 miles or more from the capitol; $55/day for members residing inside the 50-mile radius.
Nevada $150.71/day for legislators elected in 2016, $146.29/day for midterm legislators Travel allowances vary $149/day.
New Hampshire $200/2-year term. Varies depending on distances. No per diem is paid.
New Jersey $49,000 None No per diem is paid.
New Mexico None 58/mile $161/day or $184/day depending on month.
New York $110,000 58/mile $174/day (including overnight) or $61/day (no overnight).
North Carolina $13,951 29/mile $104/day (U). Set by statute.
North Dakota $495/month 54/mile; one round trip per week. $177/day.
Ohio $63,007 52/mile No per diem is paid.
Oklahoma $35,021 58/mile $156/day.
Oregon $31,200 58/mile $149/day.
Pennsylvania $88,610 58/mile $177/day.
Rhode Island $15,959 54.5/mile No per diem is paid.
South Carolina $10,400 58/mile $170/day.
South Dakota $11,379 up to 42/mile $149/day (L) (U).
Tennessee $24,316 47/mile $240/day for members residing more than 50 miles from capitol.
Texas $7,200 58/mile $221/day. Set by ethics commission.
Utah $285/day (C) 54/mile Up to $100 plus tax/day for members who live more than 100 miles round trip from capitol.
Vermont 733.04/week during session. 58/mile $126/day lodging (including overnight) or $69/day (no overnight).
Virginia $18,000/year Senate; $17,640/year House. 58/mile $213/day.
Washington $52,766/ year as of July 1, 2019. 58/mile $120/day.
West Virginia $20,000 48.5/mile $131/day (U). Set by compensation commission.
Wisconsin $52,999 51/mile Senate: up to $115/day; Assembly: up to $162/day. The maximum number of days per year that per diem
can be claimed is 153 days. 
Wyoming $150/day 58/mile $109/day (V). Set by legislature.

Abbreviations: C – Calendar day; L – Legislative day; (U) – Unvouchered; (V) – Vouchered

Source: National Conference of State Legislatures

published here with permission