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NJ GOP Republican Assembly Minority Needs New Leadership!


TRENTON, NJ (Nov. 15, 2019)--“With the Republican State Senate and Assembly victories in the 1st District, there is a Conservative infusion into the New Jersey State Legislature. The base of the Republican Party is very excited with these wins, and new Conservative leadership is needed in the GOP minority Assembly to continue this trend,” Paul Danielczyk President of the NJ Conservative GOP announced. NJ politics 1

“The current GOP Assembly minority leader Jon Bramnick just barely won reelection, and his left of center views are not in line with this new Conservative movement. Next year, President Trump the leader of the Republican Party is up for reelection, and we need unified support for our President.  In New Jersey 94% of New Jersey Republicans support our President, however, Bramnick is a constant harsh critic of President Trump, even more so than Murphy, Sweeney and Coughlin!” Danielczyk stated.

“Assemblyman Bramnick opposes the issues that the base of the Republican Party enthusiastically embraces. He is silent on the terrible ILLEGAL immigration problem, he’s Pro-Choice, has an (F) rating on the 2nd Amendment, is reticent on the out of control Attorney General who has (7) lawsuits against President Trump’s Administration, and Bramnick supported and voted for the Gas Tax hike. When recently asked if he supports the President Bramnick sarcastically replied, “I’m not in a cult”, THAT is totally unacceptable from a Republican leader!” Danielczyk exclaimed. 

In 2016, Bramnick did NOT endorse President Trump and refuses to say if he will next year. With less than a year from next years’ election, the party needs someone in that leadership position who will support President Trump in his 2020 reelection campaign. This is paramount.” Danielczyk stated.

“The NJ Conservative GOP is calling on State GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt, to ask Jon Bramnick to step aside as GOP State Assembly Minority Leader, and request someone more in-line with the Republican Conservative philosophy. This change would energize the Republican base and get them more involved with the New Jersey GOP State Party. Assemblyman Jay Weber would be an ideal Republican Assembly Minority Leader who could bring about that enthusiasm and energetic change.” Danielczyk concluded.