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NJ Assembly Candidates Dilks and Pakradooni Say Opponents are Using their Campaign Slogan

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Candidates Steve Pakradooni, (left)and Paul Dilks. 


Turnersville, NJ (November 4, 2019) – Paul Dilks and Steve Pakradooni, candidates for Assembly for the November 5th election were astonished  at the sight of their slogan being used by incumbents  Paul Moriarty and Gabriela Mosquera to make New Jersey more affordable in a recent social media post. 

This statement based on their voting record could not be further from the truth.  Moriarty’s 13 years and Mosquera’s 7 years in the Assembly tell a different story.  They have failed the residents of South Jersey.

Moriarty and Mosquera have either voted for or not opposed every tax increase while in office.  Regulations and fees have also increased along, Foreclosures are on the rise.  People and businesses are leaving the State by historic numbers due to the rising costs and taxes.  It is easy to become complacent and out of touch while in office as your incumbents apparently have done.

As residents in the State of New Jersey continue to struggle, Governor Murphy continues to make life more difficult financially.  He has proposed 14 new taxes since he was elected.  One of the more ridiculous taxes was a rain tax which allows counties and municipalities to tax residents on the amount of rain that falls in their communities. He is also about to introduce a new tax to address climate change.  Governor Murphy has also given $4,000,000 for illegal immigrants to attend college.  Neither Moriarty nor Mosquera have done anything to stop his out of control spending or tax increases.  We are not sure how these actions are making New Jersey more affordable.

Paul Dilks and Steve Pakradooni will be working to cut the wasteful spending by immediately calling for a forensic audit of every department in the State. They will work tirelessly toward stopping Governor Murphy from implementing any new taxes and repeal some of the ones that have been implemented.  They will work to cut regulations and work toward creating a more business friendly environment in New Jersey.  On November 5th, the choice is clear… Paul Dilks and Steve Pakradooni, candidates for Assembly in the 4th Legislative District of New Jersey.  Learn more about Paul and Steve’s campaign by visiting Paul Dilks/Steve Pakradooni for Assembly
Editor's Note: Dilks is a former resident of Gloucester City