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Today, NJ Advance Media published columnist Steve Politi’s provocative story about an unknown New Jersey lawsuit that nearly changed amateur sports forever. Area sports 1

John Suk was coaching a junior varsity baseball game for Bound Brook High School when he told a player to slide into third base. What happened next – a sickening “POP!” and a serious ankle fracture – set off a seven-year legal battle that culminated this spring with a surreal trial in Somerset County. All parties agreed: If Suk was found liable for the injury for making such a routine decision, it could have a dramatic impact on high school athletes and parents, and the men and women who coach our youth teams.

Politi, named the nation’s top sports columnist in 2018 by the Associated Press Sports Editors, sat in that courtroom throughout the trial, wondering if the improbable actually could happen.

“I had come to Somerville ready to ridicule, but it doesn’t take long for the gravity of the situation to hit me,” he writes. “If this jury of four men and four women decides Suk was reckless as a third-base coach for making this most routine decision, who else will end up in a courtroom like this someday?”

The sports world now will find out how close it came to being rocked by a civil case in a small New Jersey courtroom.

We hope you’ll read the story (He told a kid to slide. Then he got sued.) and share it.

Kevin Manahan, Director, Sports