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( 28, 2019)--After a long creative work hiatus, the popular Machete band intends to return to the big stage. This information was shared by Mikhail Peleg, the band’s producer.

The leader of the band, Yaroslav Malyi, said that a creative break was necessary for the group. They traveled around the world, absorbed the energy of ancient countries, meditated, and learned new things. But not only had the rest from the multimillion audience helped band members to grow. They had constantly rehearsed, wrote lyrics and music. Machete visited Israel, Bali, Singapore, and India, the soloist of the band reviewed his life values ​​and began to think differently. The guys do not hide the fact that Machete will present a new album soon, on which they have worked so long.

Frontman Yaroslav Malyi shares his travel experiences. He says that such breaks in creative work are necessary for everyone. For four years, the members of the band studied spiritual practices, practiced yoga, and read books. Lyrics were written for new songs, and musical accompaniment was invented in unusual conditions. Such a long renunciation from popularity yielded results. Completely new, wiser artists are returning to the stage.


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Yaroslav Malyi admits that to refuse the attention of fans was a united band decision. Indeed, in order to break new ground and become the best, you need to radically change something in life. While traveling around the world, the band managed to get to know many talented performers, work with them and learn from valuable experience.

The producer of Machete band, Mikhail Peleg, does not hide his enthusiasm for the work of Yaroslav Malyi and his team. He notes the unprecedented determination and talent of the band members. According to Mikhail, fans of the band will be able to see several Machete projects very soon.

It is not a surprise that after such a long break, the group will daze its fans with something new. The frontman of Machete has so far only announced that their new songs will combine different styles and genres. The compositions will cover topics that are important to all people.

The first track from the new album will be the song "Sky is my home." Yaroslav says that he tried to put everything in simple but powerful words that could make people think. He tells about important and secondary, temporary, and permanent. According to Yaroslav, this particular song will be the key to understanding the meaning of the entire album.

Modern people are busy with the routine of everyday life. They are always in a hurry and do not pay attention to simple joys. A few adults will be able to say what real happiness is. The leader of the band says that everyone will be able to find the necessary answers to important questions in the song “Sky is my home.”

The comeback of the famous Machete ( became public not so long ago. The founder of the band also noted that not only the style of their work has changed, but also the members of the group. Alexander Zinger (drums) and Mikhail Lisov (guitar) joined the band.

The rock band Machete was founded in 2010. Initially, it was an Internet project of Yaroslav Malyi, who was already a soloist of another group. But the very first songs became so popular that they went beyond the Internet and began to be broadcasted on television and radio. As a result, the independent Machete records label was created. The hits “Do not part with your loved ones” and “Dad” were gaining popularity every day, and the video for the song “Tenderness” gained nearly 34 million views on the YouTube channel.