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Maryland Residents Spend the Most on Christmas Releases 2019 Holiday Spending Report, Highlighting Spending Average Per State

November 19, published the 2019 Holiday Spending Report, detailing the highest- and lowest-spending states and the disparity among them. The report, via charts, graphs, and analyses, identifies the average amount each shopper spends per state, what they tend to purchase, and where the majority of the shopping takes place. Images

The average consumer spends $1,047 during the holidays, but data shows that certain states spend up to twice as much.

States with the Largest Holiday Budget

  1. Maryland – $2,241
  2. Utah – $2,195
  3. Hawaii – $1,887
  4. New Jersey – $1,843
  5. Virginia – $1,596

On the other hand, the lowest-spending state, West Virginia, spends less than one-tenth of the national average.

See the 2019 Holiday Spending Report:

Holiday shopping continues to grow and expand, year over year. Experts predict an overall increase of 4% in spending for 2019, along with a paradigm shift in the market, as online shopping will be overtaking brick-and-mortar shopping for the first time. Despite these shifts and changes, the report illustrates that there is a clear discrepancy in spending among states (and regions) in the U.S. created the 2019 Holiday Spending Report utilizing the most recent data available from the National Retail Federation, the U.S. Census Bureau, and Deloitte consumer surveys.

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