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Letters to the Editor: Which phony progressive won’t speak out on gag orders for women?

As reported in the Star Ledger, State Senator Loretta Weinberg bravely requested that the Administration in Trenton stop enforcing gag rule non-disclosure agreements on women that worked on the 2017 campaign, which would allow those who were sexually abused or harassed to go public with their stories.

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Just this past weekend, when asked if she had a stance on ending gag rules allowing women of sexual assault to be heard, the self-appointed leader of a  "progressive" women's Facebook group and Trenton special interest lobbyist, Sue Altman, said the following to the Star Ledger:


“And Sue Altman, of the Working Families Alliance, said it was an unfair question.

“I take exception to the idea that because I’m a progressive and a woman I have to have an opinion,” she said. “It feels like a little bit of a trap.”

Ok, but about those gag orders? “It’s on the list of things we’re talking about,” Altman said.

Source: Star Ledger, November 10, 2019

How is it a trap to ask someone who claims to be a leader of progressive causes to speak up and defend other women on this issue? Why isn't Susan Altman stating loudly and clearly that the Administration should allow women to be heard? Is it against her financial best interests? Is it against her political best interests? Is the money she gets paid by dark money donors too good to defend women? 


Here are the facts: 


  • Sue Altman was a lifelong Republican who tweeted that she moved to Camden to run for office. Sue Altman was the ringleader in an effort to infiltrate the Democratic Party by recruiting Trump Republicans to run for office in the 2019 Democratic primary election. 
  • Although she has demanded transparency from everyone else, Altman is staunchly against revealing who is funding her campaign against Democrats in South Jersey and against progress in the City of Camden. 
  • Now Altman refuses to stand with women in asking the Administration in Trenton to be transparent about sexual assault. 

It's time for real progressives to speak out against this phony Susan Altman since she refuses to speak out for women gagged by non-disclosure agreements to discuss abuse and assault.


The women of New Jersey deserve better.





Camden County Freeholder