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It’s Not Merely Flesh and Bones (Nov. 25, 2019)--All human beings are just a diaspora of the nine months confinement, which was regularly fed with love. That very love takes you further on in life, which some of us leave behind, to find momentary joy. Love is the only factor that keeps the world from collapsing all at once, but that love continues being redefined with every new relationship one builds in this wonderful journey called life. Love, these days, has been reduced to just a term and the true essence of this beautiful feeling seems lost on us. Also, the crimes that are being committed in the name of love are countless. The pleasure of groping a fellow being cannot be justified on any grounds. While some do it in the name of love, the others do it out of sheer lust. 

The gratification of each person’s sexual urges is necessary; there is no denial of that fact. But that has to happen with consent. The point where a consensual feeling of the need to gratify that urge kindles within, is only when that step should be taken, which is nurtured with the right amount of genuine love for your partner. Where do things go wrong, then? It is when lust takes the place of love, where even the definition of lust takes a rampant turn. The word assault means any action that violates or harms the other person’s feelings when it is done without consent. No woman is sensual. They are only beautiful, with the hearts that they own that beats within them, which can never be scarred by the physical injuries that anyone inflicts on them. In today’s scenario, an assault has become a very familiar term, not just through the blogs you read and podcasts you hear but also through the repugnant encounters one has. 


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What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is:

  • A non-consensual grabbing, fumbling or touching of a private part of another person’s body. 
  • Coercing a person to get involved in sexual acts, which could be oral sex or non-consensual penetration.
  • A person sexually exploiting you, when under the influence of drugs; could be in parties, pubs or any such occasions (drug-facilitated assault).
  • Abusing and involving kids in certain sexual acts where these kids are incapacitated or are not in a position to comprehend the devilry of the act.

The world now is in the clutches of a demon that is infusing it with the most dreadful qualities which are taking the world on a regressive roll to the pit of human annihilation.  

What do you see when you open the newspapers and media platforms nowadays? Is it love, or is it hatred? It is pure evil in disguise, that lures you into oblivion. 

Popular myths about sexual assaults

Sexual assault could also be when a spouse tries to sexually impose specific actions on the partner, which, as some may not know, also requires consent. Being a legal partner does not give a person the right to force their urge for their partner. 

People come across such situations at the workplace, in public transport, in relationships, and the list goes on. 

Toddlers wearing diapers get sexually assaulted these days. Where do you think the world is going? Multiple cases are reported every day of child sexual abuse, and how does this all culminate? Children, at an age where they aren’t able to fathom the difference between a fumbling touch and a lovely stroke, are made to do obscene acts, which can later even lead to the loss of a valuable life.

One of the biggest myths of the topic of sexual assault is that it is believed to be endured only by women, but that’s not true. Men equally face such assaults, be it from the opposite gender or also ones from the same. 


Get back up from the bottom

Dealing with the mental trauma that follows such acts takes a lot of courage and constant support from peers, colleagues, and families. This keeps in happening families too; father molesting his daughter, brothers abusing sisters, and many more such cases still lay unsolved without receiving the deserved justice. People finding difficulty in dealing with such situations can contact Nehora Law Firm.


Such situations could be a completely baffling experience for people, not knowing what step to be taken next to resolve it legally. Always go to the most reliable people around you and when it is that same person who assaulted you, a piece of advice alone cannot help, but each individual needs to develop the strength and courage to fight it by seeking the help of the law of your country. 

With a lot of helpline numbers, organizations and websites to guide you through the bewilderment and trauma that you are facing, keep the confidence intact as you are not alone in this. The whole world would stand with you to augment the will power that you already possess, which cannot be destroyed by any filthy hands.