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How to Support Small Businesses (11-20-19)--Small businesses are the pillars of your community in Gloucester, providing you with an interesting, unique, and bustling town center from which you can buy gifts and essentials at the last minute. However, many small businesses struggle up against the monolith presence of big online brands such as Amazon, especially during the holiday period. 

Read on for more information on how you can support small businesses now and in the coming year, and make a small business owner extremely happy. 

Eat and Shop at Independent Businesses 

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Your personal finances may not always allow you to shop at independent businesses. However, if and when you are able to, it is important that you skip the sales and low prices of online shops in order to support your local community and buy your gifts and essentials from physical stores, even if these are not always the cheapest options. Not only this, but it is also important that you eat at independent restaurants rather than at chains to ensure that these are able to thrive. Restaurants and pubs such as The Hole in the Wall Chichester can provide you with a unique experience that you would not be able to receive at some of the larger chains, whether you want to host a small gathering, pop in for a drink, or plan a Christmas party. 

Share Their Social Media Posts


If you are not able to afford to shop locally at the current time, or want to help spread the word about your favorite small business, you should also share their social media posts and website links whenever possible. This will help to raise awareness about the business in question, as well as give you the opportunity to provide them with an easy referral through sharing your positive experience with your followers. A simple way that you can share posts on social media is through reposting their updates on your Instagram or Facebook stories, as this both links to the company in question and allows you to promote their brand for a limited period of time.

Create an Event for Small Business Owners

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To bring small business owners together and get others in your community more interested in local business, you should consider setting up an event for small business owners in the Gloucester area. In order to achieve this, you should plan the focus of the event, such as selling their goods on stalls which local residents can buy, or connecting and networking with other small business owners. 

You should also make sure that you are able to complete tasks such as booking an appropriate venue, marketing your campaign online and through posters and leaflets in your local area, and inviting the right attendees. 

Give Them Positive Reviews


If you have bought a product or service from a local business, the final action that you can take to support them is to give them a positive review online (on small business directories such as Yelp) or on their website. You could also recommend them through word-of-mouth, which is a popular technique to grow small businesses’ customer base. 

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