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How to Get Social With Your Website Audience (November 7, 2019--Building a beautiful looking, engaging website that performs wonderfully for your visitors is only half the battle. In an increasingly competitive digital marketing landscape, your advantage will rely on your ability to integrate your social media channels effectively into your marketing campaigns. Here are a few tips on how leverage social media to boost visits to your website.


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Why is social media important?


Social media has become an integral part of how we not only communicate but also how we digest, distribute, and share information. Social media platforms are a highly effective way to communicate with our target audiences in spaces they are comfortable in and already engaging with. Social channels can help us to increase brand or product awareness, allow us to reach out to and share our brand with our target audience, and perhaps most importantly, we can leverage our social media audiences to help promote us for free!


Focusing on the right social media platforms


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Different platforms offer different advantages, and it’s essential to focus on the channels that provide the most value to your business. Are your audience using Facebook? Do they engage with images and stories? Perhaps Instagram would be a useful channel. B2B audience? Have you got a compelling presence on LinkedIn? Choosing the right platforms for your audience will ensure you are using your time and marketing budgets effectively.


Audit your social media profiles


First impressions count, and just as you have invested in a great website experience and content, so you should also ensure your social media profiles accurately and effectively convey your key messages, stick to your brand guidelines and are up to date with all your core information, such as opening times, location and all about who you are and what you offer. Don’t forget to include to link to your website because, for many people new to your brand, they may have found you via a social campaign and could be a potential customer if directed to a compelling landing page on your website. To ensure you have a well-designed, slick site, it’s worthwhile to invest in professional web design Guildford to create something your visitors will remember for all the right reasons.


Develop a content strategy


If you write, create and share compelling, engaging, and useful content, then your social media audience will not only grow, but it will also help you increase your social reach by liking and sharing your content. Popular social media content can also reap SEO benefits too as Google tends to reward social buzz with improved organic search visibility


Seek out brand advocates


Engage in outreach and try to seek out influencers in your topic areas. People who are socially active can have a huge impact on your reach, and it’s worth being strategic with your content output so you can attract the attention (and the shares and likes) of influencers as they will help to push your content out to a far wider audience than you could by yourself. Finding and curating an audience that loves what you do and loves your brand is the goal, and it’s these brand advocates that can really amplify your social media success and drive more traffic to your website.

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