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Slim Randles | CNBNews Contributor


   Windy Wilson waited while the first cup was poured, there at the daily meeting of the world dilemma think tank at the Mule Barn truck stop. When Windy shows up, it’s always an interesting lesson on vocabulary and remembrance of things that may or may not have occurred.



   “Fellers,” Windy said, “you know Thanksgivin’s ‘bout here, don’t ya?”

  We did.

  “Brings me to mind of that Indun girl, Poker-hontus. Now she were a proper honey, I’ll tell ya. Not only did she keep her daddy from wipin’ out them foreign homesteaders, but she taught ‘em about Thanksgivin’.”

  Windy grinned and sipped.

  “Read up on it back when I was in elemnecessary school, ya know. That were a while back, too. Yessir, them poor Pilgrimites had no idear how to cook a turkey. I mean, they never seen one ‘til somebody shot one and brung it home. But good ol’ Poker-hontas saved the day. She told all them folks that this was the terditional Thanksgivin’ bird and showed ‘em how to baste it and cook it, and how many minutes for how many pounds and all that stuff.

  “Then them Pilgrimese folks was so tickled at her they sent her on a boat to go have tea with that there queen of England and teach her how to cook a turkey! Like I say, she was a special lady.”

  Shame most history books missed that.


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