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H1 PHOTOSHOP 2020 RELEASE - WHAT TO EXPECT? (Nov. 15, 2019)--Photoshop 2020 release has become a sensational event among professional or amateur photographers, designers and creatives alike. 

This year, Adobe provided updates to the entire Elements 2020 Family line. What is new and has this update really revolutionized the industry of photo editing software? 

I decided to figure it out by testing the programs myself and finding out why users should opt for this release instead of taking advantage of Photoshop alternatives.

H2 Photoshop Elements 2020: What Is New? 

First, let's talk about a favorite tool among beginners, namely Photoshop Elements. If earlier, this software was as simple as possible not only in use but also functionally. Today developers have taken care to expand its functionality/tools.


Photoshop Elements has become even more productive and faster for common tasks; in addition, for advanced users developers introduced an option for importing and editing HEIF photos and HEVC videos. A quick search for memories using automatic smart tags and people recognition has been improved.

H3 1. Auto Skin Smoothing 


The main innovations are automatic skin smoothing, based on artificial intelligence, Adobe Sensei. Now, when editing portrait photos, just go to the Smooth Skin section and remove pimples/wrinkles with one mouse click.

Another feature is that a user can even open a human eye in the picture. Adobe uses artificial intelligence technology to identify the object and create eye effects using other images of the same person in the store. 

Auto Coloring of Photos 


They also added the automatic coloring of photos. With its help, you can turn your grandmother's old gray photo into a colored one in a click.

STEP 1. Go to Enhance> Colorize Photo. For faster access press Option+Command+R (macOS)/Alt+Ctrl+R (Windows).

STEP 2. In the Colorize Photo workplace, you will see a preview with four different color options listed on the right. You can select the one that looks the most fitting.

H3 2. One-Click Selection and Deleting of Objects 


You can find a new tool that automatically selects visible objects in the image with one click in the workspace “Select and Mask”> “Select Object”.

It is great for beginners, who want a fully automatic selection and it is a great time saver and a starting point for experienced users.

Select Subject is powered by Adobe Sensei, an advanced machine learning technology. It is trained to recognize various objects in an image, such as people, animals, vehicles, toys, and more. 

H2 Premiere Elements 2020: What Is New?

The Premiere Elements 2020 update was also followed by several important changes, and many improved video editing features.


Three new editing guides have been added, which in total include 23 step-by-step video editing tutorials to help you get started. Among the guides, dynamic time-lapse videos will be especially useful - this guided editing will help you turn a series of photos or videos into a time lapse that accelerates the action.

H3 1. Editing of Grainy Videos 


If you've ever recorded a video in low light, you know the pain of grainy footage. Make your videos clearer by simply dragging and dropping the “Noise Reduction” effect.

H3 2. Finding Videos Faster with Smart Tags


Premiere Elements 2020 makes sure you can find your files faster using the two new features for organizing videos powered by Adobe Sensei.

The Smart Tags are now added to videos as well as pictures and they are divided into general categories like sunsets, birthdays, dogs, cats, and more. 

Apart from that, people in the footage also get tagged during import and you can classify them by person to make organizing easier and faster. 

H2 Ways to Get Elements 2020 Family

The main advantage of the Elements product line is an unlimited license. You pay once and get licensed software with full support forever. It reminded me of Photoshop CS6 free support after purchase.

Speaking of price, Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements 2020 are available for $99. If you use both editors, you can save $50 by purchasing the full Family 2020 package.

However, do not forget that you can get Photoshop free of charge by signing up for a trial subscription. Unlike Creative Cloud, which offers only 7 days for a trial period, Photoshop Elements 2020 and Premiere Elements offer a whole month from the moment of the first launch.

In order to get Elements 2020 free trial, follow these steps:

STEP 1. Create an account or log in to the official website.

STEP 2. Scroll to the bottom of the main page, find and open the “Elements 2020 Family” section.

STEP 3. Select the program you need.

STEP 4. Go to the main page of the image editor, on the top right, find the “free trial” button.

STEP 5. Fill in some data and install the software. Done!

At the end of the trial period, the photo editor will notify you that you need to buy a license key. Go to your personal account and pay for the service. 

If you are a student/teacher in any official institution, you have the opportunity to save up to 60% of the full cost of Adobe products. For this, visit the “Student and Teachers” section.