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GreatSchools.org Report on How Gloucester High School Students Do on College Entrance Exams

Here’s how Gloucester City Jr Sr High School students do on college entrance exams.

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 15, 2019)--You know your child’s grades, but do you know if they’re prepared to succeed in college? Gloucester_high

Nearly ½ of all high school students get straight As. At the same time, many students get to college only to find they are not academically prepared. In this era of grade inflation, it’s important to look at more than just your child's grades. College entrance exams help you to know how well your school is preparing your child for college.

Find out how students do on the SAT and/or ACT by visiting Gloucester City Jr Sr High School's profile page. (Note that some states release data on the school’s average scores, while a few states tell us the percentage of students who scored high enough to be considered college-ready.)

Want a refresher on the basics? Here’s the lowdown on the ACT and the SAT, the differences between the two tests, and why your child should definitely plan on taking the exam of their choice more than once. Also good to know: There’s a growing trend among colleges of making taking the SAT or the ACT optional.  

source GreatSchools.org

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