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External Hard Drive Recovery Happens More Than You Think


Gloucestercitynews.net (November 8, 2019)--Most people do not know that they can recover data from the external hard drive. That is why; in this article, we are going to explain how you can recover deleted files from external hard drives using the software. People always looking for affordable data recovery services; It is one of them. If you have formatted your data, deleted a file or due to a virus attack then you can get it back.


Many people use external hard drives for storage. You can easily buy an external drive with a large capacity from the market. It provides you more storage space and you can use it as a backup. Many causes can lead to data loss. One of the common is mistakenly formatting your internal drive. It is a very common problem. However, all of these files that you lost mistakenly can be recovered. Just follow these steps:

How It is Possible?

Whenever someone deleted a file from the storage device or formatted it, data is not erased. To understand it, you should know how it all works. The operating system of your computer keeps track of all the files and data that are stored in the drive. It stores this location information via pointers. So, whenever you want to access a file, the OS knows where is it on the disk. When you format the drive, it removes the pointer tags which contain the file. That is why; the deleted file disappears from the windows explorer. When you store more data on the drive, the file is overwritten and it is no longer recoverable. A data recovery software search for this free space on the disk and restore the deleted files.

There are two options to format; quick and slow. When you quick format a drive, it does not erase the data. It only removed the index on the items. Hence your files remain on the disk and there is a chance to recover them as long as you do not overwrite them.

Free Data Recovery Software

To recover the data, you need a recovery software. There is free software available that you can use to effectively recover your deleted files from USB, hard disk and SD card. But free software can only recover 550 data formats which include, audio, emails, music, documents, and photos. You do not need high skills to use recovery software.

First, download the software from the internet on your computer. Install it and then connect the storage device you want to recover data from.

First, you need to select the type of recovery. You can select full recovery or you can retrieve selected files from the drive. In step 2, you need to select the drive to search for lost data.

After that the software will show a list of files, you can recover.

Select each file you want to recover and then click the recover button.

These were the simple steps to use any software. Moreover, every free software has a recovery wizard that can guide you through the process.

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