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Do Natural Abilities Determine Your Success at Learning? (Nov. 14, 2019)--It seems that everybody knows the saying that states: “A sound mind in a sound body”. As a matter of fact, it is rightly so. People who opt for a healthy lifestyle can be automatically called wise. Nonetheless, there is also that cohort of people whom somebody might eventually consider to be “not wise” or even “dumb” just because they were born this way. This statement could have not stood farther from the truth as every single individual is wise, intelligent, and creative. The problem is that all the people are judged within the system of unified standards. As Albert Einstein used to say: “Judging a fish by its ability to climb trees is stupid”. Therefore, do not believe when somebody says that your natural abilities determine your success at learning. If you still doubt yourself, make sure that you read this article.

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Try Writing What You Want

Let us imagine a simple situation. A whole class is being tasked with writing an essay in sociology that must be based on the statistical and empirical data from sociological surveys and studies. Sure enough, some students can ace the paper, as they like studying sociological disciplines, they like working with data, analyzing, and interpreting it. For instance, you can find a lot of free properly written examples of essays on and have a look at how a decently conducted research must look like. Of course, there will also be the students who will fail the essay and will be automatically considered by the rest of their peers as not wise.

Nonetheless, when it comes to judging one’s intellect and creativity, may we all not forget that those who have failed the aforementioned essay on sociology, may write brilliant texts on literature, or they may be genius artists who have a natural talent. What is more, they might have had no talent, but their perseverance and hard work have made them who they are. Therefore, if you are eager to discover your natural talents, try, for example, writing about what you like. Who knows, maybe there is a genius literary critic that is hidden in the depths of your mind? If you doubt what and how to write, there are free essay databases and websites that surely got you covered.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Do you know what is the worst form of discrimination? It is self-discrimination. If you want to know how to be successful in studies, make sure, first of all, that you do not underestimate yourself. Go on and try everything that you like and find your spot within the big and extensive world of professional activities. You don’t have to become a lawyer when your greatest passion is coding, even if your parents tell you to do so. Instead, you shall try writing programming codes, get in contact with various IT-companies, and who knows, maybe one day you will become the next Steve Jobs. Oh, by the way, Steve Jobs dropped out of his college on purpose because he saw no point in studying what he thought was not an applicable knowledge or skill.



Dwell on Your Thoughts

If you have a pen and a sheet of paper… Alright, if you have your smartphone or your laptop right in front of you, do not waste your time but embark upon writing what you really like to do. That is, conduct a self-analysis of your professional and educational preferences and write out everything that you would like to say about them. Afraid that you are not capable of writing properly? Nobody is until they learn how to do it. Furthermore, there are tons of free essays online. Go and check them out, if you want to write a properly structured and meaningful self-analysis. Having a visual representation of what you think about yourself and your abilities shall definitely help you to come out with the right choice of the path that you would like to follow.


While people keep on dividing themselves into talented and not, you should not waste your time listening to them. Nobody is born without at least a single talent. However, being judged by how you can hunt a deer while living in a tribe that thrives on fishing is the last thing that you might want to experience. If you have a talent that is crystal-clear right from the earliest days of your life, you are a lucky person. If you still haven’t found what you are good at, please, do not fall in despair. For example, there are brilliant essays online, and all of them were written by professional writers who spent months if not years learning how to write them properly. At the end of the day, this is hard work that determines your educational success and helps you find your talents.