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Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Layers

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor


22502411-winter-clothes-collection-stock-vector-cartoonThere’s an old saying, here in New Jersey: If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute!


   It’s true—because we’re Not-Quite-Delaware and Not-Even-New York, we seem to confuse Mother Nature to the point of insanity. But there’s no doubt that winter is coming! I’ve found that the key to being comfortable, temp-wise is layering.

   The other day I visited my doctor and was asked to step on the scale. The nurse looked puzzled as the needle shot up to a number that would have been appropriate at a weigh station, but not on a regular machine.

     “My goodness!” the nurse squealed. “You’ve gained thirty pounds in a year! What have you been doing?”

   “Hold on a minute,” I told her. “Let me peel off a few layers!”

     I hopped down and started undressing. Off came the hoodie I wore under my parka. Off came the sweatshirt I wore under the hoodie. Off came the thermal shirt I wore under the sweatshirt. Two long-sleeved shirts and a tee shirt later, my top half was done.

   Next came the bottom half. Boots, two pairs of socks, flannel pajama pants, jeans, and a pair of sweatpants formed a two-foot-tall pile around me.

   And then, I lost the nurse.

   I thought for a moment she’d abandoned me, but I finally found her between the layers, trying to drag herself to safety in an adjoining hallway.

   I stepped back onto the scale and the needle hit a normal weight. But by then, my appointment was running into overtime, so I was hustled into the exam room with my layers thrown in after me. After the exam the nurse kept popping in, telling me my time was up, but I wasn’t finished dressing.

   I’ve been known to shed a few articles of clothing in public, too. Working up a sweat while out on a brisk walk makes it necessary to partially disrobe. Then, when it gets cold a few minutes later, I have only to throw on a few more articles and I’m ready for New Jersey Notspring or Almostwinter weather!

   Of course, summer has its own special layering issues, but I like to keep folks guessing, so that’ll be a column for another day.

   Layering has been a successful way of keeping warm since the beginning of time. My friend Sue keeps it simple by collecting cat hair on her clothing, much like cavemen used to wear mastodon loincloths, I think.

   When the temperatures dip, you might want to reach out to others. Think about your neighborhood—hypothermia is a serious issue in our area! Are there elderly people without heat? It’s possible that a few donated extra layers will make them more comfortable. Children get cold easily, too so be on the lookout for kids that are improperly dressed and give them a layer or two.

   Because helping someone in need is the warmest thing anyone can do.


Just Sayin’

Dawn Watson

Image by Stock Vector Internet resource