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CNB Hunting/Fishing NJ: Range Improvements at Clinton and Flatbrook WMAs


November 15, 2019

Significant upgrades to the Flatbrook and Clinton Wildlife Management Area hunter training area ranges are ongoing with an estimated completion date of January 2020 for the Clinton Range. A completion date for the Flatbrook range is yet to be determined due to unforeseen additional work needed at the site. 2017-Delaware-waterfowl-stamp-contest-winner

The major range enhancements planned for the Clinton and Flatbrook ranges aim to improve safety and the user experience. Earthen berms will be constructed or improved to restrict bullet travel outside of the range area and shooting stations will be constructed. The shooting stations will consist of covered firing line bench rests and baffles. Bench rests provide a comfortable and stable base, seat and platform, so that a steady anchor point and pattern of use is provided for a shooter thereby improving shooting accuracy. Baffles, which are installed in front of the bench rests, eliminate blue sky or the area the shooter sees above the target or backstop. By preventing the shooter from seeing above a certain height, baffles eliminate the likelihood that bullets will travel over the backstop area. These improvements will provide outstanding opportunities and increased safety for sportsmen and women.

We apologize for any inconvenience the ongoing construction presents. Every attempt was made to schedule the range closures outside of the busy fall season, however contractual obligations and timeframes precluded the Division from delaying work at these sites, so construction moved forward when the opportunity presented itself. The web sites linked below offers information on ranges in New Jersey other than the Division's (linked above).

Where To Shoot (NSSF site)
Shooting ranges in New Jersey

We ask for your continued patience during this time and are confident you will appreciate and enjoy these improvements when the ranges re-open.

source Division of Fish and Game