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CBP at Newark Intercepts Evasive Pest

Release Date: 
October 30, 2019

K-9 Agriculture Specialists Detect insect

During passenger inspection

NEWARK NJ--On October 6, CBP Agriculture Specialist K-9 Brodie alerted to a passenger’s bag arriving from Bari, Italy via Frankfurt, Germany. CBP Agriculture Specialists performed an inspection of the passenger’s bags revealing four different undeclared, prohibited plant items, including pomegranates. Further examination of the pomegranates led to the discovery of an insect with bee-like wings.  The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) identified the insect as Monosteira unicostata, the “Almond bug.”CBP Agriculture Specialist K-9 Brodie

Although now found in Canada, USDA reports that this pest could pose a serious risk to the $5.3 billion California almond industry (California Dept. of Food & Agric.).

“CBP Agriculture Specialists have once again made a critical intercept of a destructive pest that could potentially cause grave damage to our Agricultural and Economic vitality,” said Troy Miller, Director, Field Operations, New York Field Office.

Monosteira unicostata, the “Almond bugMonosteira unicostata is an important pest almond trees in the Mediterranean region requiring control methods alternative to synthetic pesticides. For more information on this pest, please use the USDA link below

Last modified: 
October 30, 2019