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A Guide to Preparing Your Home for the Holidays


( 29, 2019)--The festive season is rocketing into view and, as all grown-ups know at this time of year, that means more work, more guests, more mouths to feed and more joy and laughter to nurture. The festive period is full of fun for your close and extended family, and visiting friends, but it’s also a time during which your home will be sheltering more heads than usual – and as such, it’s an important time to be prepared for. In this handy guide, you’ll learn how to best prepare your home for the holiday season in order to make your Christmas as wonderful and carefree as possible.

Seating Arrangements

Your first task is undoubtedly simply to understand how so many more people arriving in your home will find places to sit, talk, socialize, make merry, and – most importantly – eat. If you’re unable to find enough chairs for all the guests you’re expecting, you may wish to hire some more from a local furniture warehouse, or else buy some second-hand from local furniture stores. Meanwhile, make sure you know how to cater to everyone who visits. You may wish to invest in some elegant furniture for your new arrivals – in order to provide seats, beds, couches and tables for everyone who’ll be attending your home this Christmas.


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Cleaning and Tidying

With a host of guests due to arrive in your home, there is the usual cleaning and tidying to undertake in order for you to present the home interior that you want to promote to your friends, family, and guests. Go around your home fastidiously to clean each and every corner – and be especially careful to hide or secure some of your more precious belongings: Christmas is a time of indulgence, and those who’ve had a little too much cherry may find themselves breaking items that you’ve left out.

The Kitchen

Hands-down the most important room in the house during the festive period, the kitchen will require some work before your guests begin to arrive. You need to make sure that everything’s clean, and that you have enough plates, knives, forks and cooking accessories for some of the feasts you have planned. It goes without saying that you should also check the food in your fridge, and stock up on meat, dairy and beverages to keep you ravenous and excited guests happy throughout the duration of their stay.


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Festive Touches

With all the preparation out of the way in terms of seating, sleeping and cleaning, it’s time to add the flourishes that can make your home sparkle and gleam with the red-and-green festive feel of Christmas. Whether that means hanging stockings and mistletoe, heaving a Christmas tree into the main room, or adding little cutlets of ivy and holly to your mantelpiece, this is the final stage to decorating your home in the anticipation of a festive frolic with all your closest loved ones this festive period. Decorate in order to luxuriate in a truly Christmas-themed interior this holiday season.

Prepare your home for the festive season with the four tips outlined above – guaranteeing all of your guests a merry, wonderful time!


images courtesy of unsplash