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Harry G. "Lil Har" Wilson, Longtime Gloucester City Resident; Avid Car & Train Enthusiast; GHS Alumnus

70 Plus Attend "Ray Ford Old Timers" Event in October


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 18, 2019)--The 70-some former athletes from Gloucester City High School and Gloucester Catholic High School had a great time October 18 at the newly reorganized second annual Ray Ford-Leon Harris, Sr. Sports Night, which was also the 47th anniversary of the original “Ray Ford Oldtimers.”

6a00d8341bf7d953ef00e54f41ab298834-200piRay Ford (above) formed the group in 1972. When it first started the turnout would number close to 200 people. But, today, many of those individuals have passed on including Ford.

With a number of first-time attendees (14) and a good turnout of old-timers, there was much laughter, story-telling and fabulous memories of past teams, games, players, and friends.

Our special thanks to those who made this affair a success:

A great committee for organizing the event and making numerous phone calls was Walt Ashe, Bob Bevan, Joe Boulden, Jim Hagan, Tom Moody, Mike O’Donnell, Phil Schnell, Bud Shodder and Bart Rettew.

Other attendees included: 

Bill Ackley, Harry Aharon, Jim Ashe, Gary Badger, Joe Barton, Chuck Bloome, Jim Blymer, Kevin Boulden, Jerome Brophy, Frank Cipolone, Ed Cowgill, Nicholas Corvino, Tony Dagostino, Jim Davidson, Ed DiGiacomo, Bill Dilks, John Erva, Phillip Fiorella, Scott Frymire, Frank Gilfillan, Jim Goldschmidt, Bill Goins, Dale Harris, Leon Harris, Jr., Steve Harris, Jack Hughes, Joe Kain, Tom Kenney and Frank Krueger.

Also, Len Lacavara, Rick Legge, Ted Lobell, David Martin, Jim Magee, Bob McQuillan, Ron Middleton, Lou Montforte, Terry Moore, Bob Murphy, Blaise O’Donnell, Keith O’Donnell, Mike O’Donnell, Les Peters, Tom Page, Joe Raube, Stu Reckard, Bill Rettig, Ken Settar, Marty Sherry, Tim Simmons, Bob Sliwa, Wayne Smith, Dan Spencer, Bob Stafford, George Spingler, Jay Sutcliffe, Jim Talley, Dave Thomas, Robert Thomas, Jim Waters, Greg Woodhouse Sr. and Jr. 



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