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Do you know drinking 8 ounces of water or more each day is essential to keep you healthy and active? Drinking a sufficient amount of water reverses the aging process, improves the skin condition, and helps to lose weight. Well, losing weight by drinking water may seem unusual to you. But it is possible. Suppose you love to drink a can of soda each day. Drinking a can of soda is responsible for adding 16 to 18 pounds of weight to your body. However, if you drink a bottle of water instead of a can of soda, well, there will be no weight gain.


But does the water we drink is safe? Even in the United States, tap water of all fifty states contains impurities like lead, chromium, mercury, and arsenic. All of these metals are harmful to health. So, where will you get pure drinking water? And, here comes the water dispenser. (November 11, 2019)--A water dispenser is a machine that gives you a pure glass of water with a press of a button. Installing a water dispensing system in the office, home, or gum has several useful benefits. It delivers clean and safe drinking water. Everyone feels safe to drink the water and encouraged to drink more. It is environment-friendly since there is no use of plastic bottles here. And of course, it is less expensive because purchasing a bottle of water is not a small amount of money.


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You will get both hot and cold water dispensers in the market. A hot water dispenser is a great alternative to the kettle. The machine gives hot water with a press of a button. It is convenient to use, and You need not lift a heavy kettle to pour boiling water in your mug. However, if you want to drink chilled water, enter into the cold water dispenser.


A few benefits of cold water dispenser


The first benefit is that some people like to drink cold water. They drink the water, whether it is winter or summer. The second benefit is cold water dispenser purify the chlorinated water to eliminate the taste of chlorine from the water. The taste of the element is foul and offensive. And, the third advantage is during hot summer, drinking cold water is refreshing and rejuvenating.


Picking the best water cooler 


There are different models of water coolers out there. So, picking the right model ideal for you is difficult. One easy way is to read reviews of various manufacturers' products. You also need to compare different models of water coolers that are available in the market.


The features to consider regarding buying a water cooler.


The number of faucets

Coldwater dispensers come with varying numbers of faucets. Usually, they have two faucets. But, some models feature one extra faucet to dispense hot water. You will find the switches of the faucets at the backside of the unit to open/ close the faucet and control the temperature of the water. Before starting the unit, read the unit’s manual first to understand the different functionalities of the machine.


Water reservoir



Water reservoirs of the machine are made of either stainless steel or plastic. Between these two types, stainless steel reservoirs are better because plastic reservoirs give water a peculiar taste.     




Water coolers come in two different sizes- countertop and free-standing. If you have space limitations, installing a countertop cooler is better. However, free-standing coolers look classic, but they are expensive and require much space to install. 




The Price of water coolers varies from model to model. Two things dictate the price. These are the number of features the cooler has and the brand that manufacture the product. If you have a limited budget, choose the unit with basic features.   




While purchasing a model, you need to consider how many people will use and the frequency of the use.   





Some extra features


Space: There are some models that are suitable for small spaces like in recreational van or boat. At the same time, water coolers are ideal for large spaces like offices and restaurants.


The purification system removes small particles, harmful elements, and sediment.


Cup holders


Some models also include cup storage.


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