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5 Things That Could Go Wrong During Your Next Trip to Vegas


( 28, 2019)--It is not called Sin City for nothing. Las Vegas is a great place to go to for fun, gambling, entertainment and yes, some good, old fashioned debauchery. While the thrill-seekers paradise in the desert has become a lot more family-friendly over the last few decades, there is still plenty that can go wrong during a trip to Vegas. While the worst-case over-the-top scenario looks something like the movie The Hangover, there are plenty of other, more realistic things that can ruin your next Vegas vacation. Here are 5 things that could go wrong during your next trip to Vegas.

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  1. Get banned from a casino

Nothing will sour your trip to Sin City like getting tossed out of and banned from the casino. Aside from trying to cheat to win money (which we will discuss later), there are a few guaranteed ways to be asked to leave not so nicely by very large security guards. Gambling News Magazine has a pretty comprehensive list of the faux pas that will earn you a swift exit. These things include the number one reason, getting too intoxicated, as well as things like acting inappropriately at the tables, forgetting casino etiquette, or taking pictures on the casino floor.  

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  1. Get caught cheating 

There are a lot of ways to win in Vegas which also means there are a lot of ways to try to cheat to win. Getting caught by casino security or the “eye in the sky” trying to scam the casino is a surefire recipe to be ejected from the casino and not allowed back in here is what the casinos are looking for in the different table games to find cheaters.


Blackjack – Card counting is the biggest way of cheating in blackjack. This is when players keep a running tally of what cards have come out and what cards have not. When the odds are against the player they bet less and when they are in their favor, they bet more. While not technically illegal, if you are accused of this you will get kicked out of the casino. The most famous example of card counting the MIT Blackjack Team in the mid-1990s who took the casinos for millions and inspired the book and movie, Bringing Down the House.  



In roulette, there are multiple ways to cheat and win big. All of which will get you a swift exit from the casino. Gambler Daily Digest lays out all the ways you can chest the spinning wheel. This includes everything from working with another player to using technology and modifying the wheel itself. There are even more technical ways included such as past posting and sector targeting.


Poker – There are also multiple ways to cheat in poker including working with another player and the use of technology. While not in Vegas, there is currently a major scandal going on in the poker world that includes allegations of cheating by a player who plays in televised games in a casino in California.


  1. Losing money

Everyone goes to Vegas in the hopes of winning big but, unfortunately, many players walk away with their wallets much lighter than when they started. One of the games people lose at the most is the slots. While it may feel like you are not losing big because you are only playing small bets, these can add up. While lots of people love the one-armed bandits, they can also be a money drench. If you want to play the slots anyway, you really need to learn how to give your chance the best odds to win. Weekly Slots News has a great guide on how to get better at slots and have a much better chance of winning that jackpot.


  1. Getting married 

Tons of people go to Las Vegas to get married every year. In fact, there are over 120,000 marriages performed in the city annually which translates to around 10,000 per month. While many people come to the desert specifically for this purpose, there are some who have no intention to do so but end up with a husband or wife anyways. Steve Lewis from Online Casino Gems says, “I have seen a lot of quickie weddings over the years. Everything from couples who have been engaged forever deciding spur of the moment to hit the chapel to couples who literally just met that night. It is one of the things you will ONLY see in Las Vegas.”


  1. Being burned by the elements

If you were not already aware, Las Vegas is right in the middle of the Mojave Desert. It is one of the things that makes the city so unique but also what can make outdoor conditions very dangerous. Inside all the hotels and casinos, you will find a perfectly air-conditioned atmosphere. However, when you venture outside, there could be potentially dangerous conditions to deal with. A desert climate is known for very hot days and cold nights. Depending on the season, temperatures during the day can soar into the 100s. At night, they can drop to near freezing at times.


Make sure you are prepared for whatever the elements will bring if you decide to venture out of the temperature-controlled casinos. If you are lounging by the pool or going on a day hike, you will need to wear plenty of sunscreen to protect you from burns. Nothing can ruin a Vegas trip faster than second-degree sunburn. If you are going out to explore the natural surroundings and will be out past sundown, make sure you have warm clothing available to put on.



Yes, there is a lot that can go wrong during your next Vegas trip but do not let that scare you away. For most, Las Vegas is an amazing time with unforgettable experiences that will last a lifetime. If you follow the rules, don’t try to cheat, respect the desert, set yourself a budget and stay away from unplanned wedding ceremonies, you will have an amazing time that will keep you coming back to Vegas again and again.