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4 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do At Home HOLD FOR PAYMENT 12-2-19


Gloucestercitynews.net (Nov. 19, 2019)--The idea of flat pack furniture or ‘do it yourself’ home improvements can fill many people with dread, but DIY projects can be a huge money saver and there are so many ways to make the experience painless.


Why pay for your gutters to be cleaned? Dig out a pair of marry-golds and old jumper and do it yourself. There are so many videos to take you through, step-by-step, on how to easily clean your gutters.


Grab a ladder and install a ceiling fan. Adding this to your home will lower heating cost in the cold seasons as it will recirculate the hot air that is rising and allow you to lower the thermostat; therefore, lowering bills. The same is true for the summer and it will evenly circulate the cool air around your home. Buying a ceiling fan may seem expensive, but the savings will be worth it and putting it up yourself will avoid any added costs.


During the colder months, keeping your jumpers warm and soft is a priority and if your dryer could use a little extra help with this, you may need to unclog the lint filter. This is easy to test by by running water over the filter and if it holds water, then it’s time give it a clean. Unclogging the filter can be achieved by simply using washing up tools. No need to call in a professional to give your dryer a check-up, so save your money and keep your clothes comfortable.


Your 14x18x1 air filters or furnace filters should be cleaned or changed once every two to four weeks for optimum airflow and avoid increasing your bills. If you have a reusable filter, vacuum it to remove the dirt, or if you have a disposable one, simply take it out and replace with a new filter, which is made easier by subscribing to Filter King and receiving new filters when they are needed, which not only keeps costs low, but also acts as a reminder, ensuring they are fresh.

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