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CNB Hunting/Fishing Pennsylvania: Bear Season


HARRISBURG, PA--With a new statewide muzzleloader season and extended archery season for Pennsylvania black bear, the 2019/20 hunting season is shaping up to be an incredible year for licensed hunters. Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 9.21.05


STATEWIDE Muzzleloader Bear Season: October 19-26


STATEWIDE Archery Bear Season: October 28-November 9




 ARCHERY (WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D): Sept. 21-Nov. 29

ARCHERY (WMU 5B): Oct. 5-Nov. 16

SPECIAL FIREARMS (Statewide): Oct. 24-26, Junior and Senior License Holders, Disabled Person Permit (to use a vehicle) Holders, and Pennsylvania residents serving on active duty in U.S. Armed Services or in the U.S. Coast Guard only. Also included are persons who have reached or will reach their 65th birthday in the year of the application for a license and hold a valid adult license, or qualify for license and fee exemptions under section 2706. 

REGULAR FIREARMS (Statewide): Nov. 23, & Nov. 25-27


(WMUs 1B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E and 5A): Nov. 30-Dec. 7

(WMUs 2B, 5B, 5C and 5D): Nov. 30-Dec. 14

*Only one bear may be harvested during a license year*



Black Bear

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Statewide Muzzleloader Bear Season - OCT. 19-26, 2019
Statewide Archery Bear Season - OCT. 28-NOV. 9, 2019
Other 2019 Bear Seasons


Modifications for the 2019 seasons include expanding the mid-October muzzleloader and special firearms deer seasons to include bears statewide; increasing to two weeks the length of the statewide archery bear season and shifting it to the two weeks following the muzzleloader and special firearms bear seasons; and expanding 4-day extended bear seasons to seven days in most wildlife management units (WMUs) where they are held.
Bear Hunting Laws and Regulations
Wildlife Management Units
Pennsylvania Black Bear Harvest Certificate (PDF)
Black Bear Age Harvest Data
Bear, Deer & Turkey Harvests
Harvest Maps

Bear Feeding Ban: It is unlawful to intentionally lay or place food, fruit, hay, grain, chemical, salt or other minerals that may cause bears to congregate or habituate an area. In addition, if nuisance bears are being attracted to an area by other wildlife feeding, game wardens can issue written notice to temporarily halt the activity.

Bear Check Station Data

Click on the map below to view data from the 2018 bear season.

Bear Check Station Map

Live Stream from Northeast Pennsylvania

The live stream from Monroe County was brought to you by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and HDOnTap. The sow and cub left the den the evening of Thursday, April 11. Thank you homeowners, HDOnTap, and fans. This has been such a neat experience. Learn more about this den site From Under the Deck


Wildlife Note – Black bear biology and ecology
A February Bear Den Visit (2:20)
Summer Bear Trapping (1:20)
On the Trail of the Pennsylvania Black Bear; 1991 (1:41:48)
Springtime Ecology of Pennsylvania Black Bears - a webinar (46:29)
Living with Black Bears – Urban bears
Black Bear Expansion Based on Harvest Distribution (PDF)
Mange in Black Bears brochure (PDF)


Black Bear Research in Your Neighborhood (PDF)
Population Growth of Bears
Bountiful Black Bears
Bear Management Plan (PDF)
Pennsylvania Residents' Opinions On and Attitudes toward Black Bears(PDF)
Pennsylvania Residents' Opinions On and Attitudes toward black Bears - Executive Summary (PDF)

Black Bear


Thank you for being a licensed Pennsylvania hunter, conservationist and voice for the future of PA hunting.