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What Are Online Freeroll Poker Tournaments?


Gloucestercitynews.net (October 24, 2019)--Poker is a thrilling game that offers up plenty of excitement. While you need a bankroll to play the game there are some cases where you don’t have to spend any money at all. This is where online freeroll poker tournaments come in, giving you the chance to compete against other players for prizes without having to pay for a buy-in. Who knows? You could follow in the footsteps of poker pro-Tom Dwan, who worked his way up to playing in $1 million from starting out at micro-stakes.



How Does a Poker Freeroll Work?

A freeroll is a poker tournament that requires no entry fee. As such, the only difference between a freeroll and a regular tournament is that you don’t have to pay to enter. That’s really all there is to it.


Freerolls are usually offered as part of special promotions that allow you to use your player points to buy-in rather than spending any money on entry. In many cases, news players are awarded freeroll tickets as part of their welcome bonus – but existing players can also find regular freerolls by browsing the games lobby, as well. You can also find poker freerolls with smaller prizes ($10 or less) by browsing your tournament lobby.


Since it doesn’t cost any money to enter a freeroll tournament, you can expect the prizes to be relatively low. You won’t often find a freeroll with a prize pool exceeding $100, and some of these tournaments don’t even offer cash prizes. Sometimes, winners will be provided with entries into other tournaments that offer up larger prizes and player points are often awarded as payouts, too.


This is why freeroll poker tournaments are a great shout for beginners. It can be intimidating for a new player to jump into an online poker tournament head-first, especially if you’re spending $5 on a ticket. When you’re playing a poker freeroll, you don’t have to worry about losing out on your investment – because you didn’t spend any money, to begin with. Beginners can use these tournaments to hone their skills and slowly build their bankroll. There’s no real pressure to obtain a particular outcome, so players can work on their strategy and find a playing style that suits them.



Poker Freeroll Tournament Requirements

Just because a poker tournament is free doesn’t mean that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can enter. You’ll have to meet certain requirements before you can take part in a poker freeroll.


Firstly, you have to be a member of an online poker site and you’ll have to have a made a deposit previously. There is usually no minimum deposit required, so even if you’re a casual player you’ll meet the requirements for taking part in online freeroll poker sites such as those found on MoneyPokerSites.com.


When you win a poker freeroll, the money is usually yours to keep. However, in instances where the prize is quite large, your payout may be credited as bonus winnings. When this is the case, there are playthrough requirements which means that you have to wager your winnings a number of times over before you can play.



Different Freeroll Types

There are also on-demand (or sit n go) freeroll tournaments that only begin when a certain number of runners have entered. The prizes for these freerolls are generally quite small, as there is a limited number of runners competing. You will usually find these in the tournament lobby, and you can use the filters to find the sit n go competitions.


You can also find deposit-only freerolls. These are tournaments that are only open to players who have deposited a certain amount of money in the past month. The prizes are a bit higher, as they are geared towards regular players, and you can expect to play for $500 or more.


Finally, there are satellite freerolls. These are freeroll tournaments that grant you entry into bigger and better competitions. In some cases, the top prizes will grant players entry into satellite tournaments for large live competitions at the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. These types of freerolls are quite rare, so it is important to keep an eye out for them in the promotions section of your chosen online poker site. Remember – when you’re playing in satellite freerolls, you will be competing against more experienced players.



Tournament Strategy

Freeroll tournaments are populated by thousands of runners, so you’ll have to be very careful to not get eliminated early on. As such, it is important that you only play the top of your range when engaged in a freeroll. What “top of the range” refers to is the best possible hands that you would even think about playing. So, in the early stages, stick to:

-        Aces with a high kicker

-        High pairs

-        King-Queen suited


Even when you’ve made a hand at the beginning of a tournament, stay conservative. It is not ideal to play aggressively since there is such a huge pool of players at the outset. Remember to stay patient and maintain a tight strategy.


If you make it through to the middle stages of the tournament, when the blinds have significantly increased and half of the field is gone, then you can feel free to get more aggressive. The tight player that you were at the beginning of the tournament is no more, and you’ll be betting bigger with smaller hands. Still, you should keep it conservative and avoid bluffing if you’ve missed your outs.


As you near the final stages of the freeroll, you can begin to bluff – especially when you’re approaching the bubble. It’s a good idea to bluff players with smaller stacks, as they are going to be more cautious about the hands they are playing. You’ll be able to slowly build your stack as you make your way to the money.


Once you’ve made the final table, it’s up to you how you decide to proceed. There are plenty of different strategies, and you’ll figure out which one works best for you as you play more and more poker. So, keep playing freerolls and learning as much as you can about the game – and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a great player. 

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