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Videos: Camden City Not Rising says Film Producer


CNBNews (Camden City, NJ)--The video titled Camden Not Rising shows just a short version of some of the truths about Camden City,  NJ.  This City has been Cnbnews exclusiverobbed by politicians as well as corporations claiming to come to Camden City (receiving Tax Breaks) but not hiring City residents. CEO Of Holtec (Camden Based) stated the people do not know how to work and they are lazy, they never seen their parents get up and work! Judge for yourself!!!!!!! produced August 18, 2019  (caption and video by Gary GSAM Samuels)
For comparison please watch a similar video about Camden City that was produced in  2010  by RTAmerica and published here the same year. 


CNBNEWS EDITOR'S NOTE: The video below was produced in December 2008 and was first published on the blog in 2010. Watch both, not much difference despite the fact that nearly 9 years have past and more than a billion dollars have been received by the Camden City leadership to make things better. 



Economic Apocalypse Buries US City in Debt, Drugs, Garbage..Uploaded by 

(December 8, 2010) Camden City, New Jersey  is among the poorest and most dangerous cities in America. RT's Anastasia Churkina reports on the extent of the damage, and whether this ghost town - but once industrial giant - could end up disappearing off the face of the Earth.


Guest Opinion: Camden's Renaissance Impacts the Entire State


 The Downward Spiral of Camden City Continues

June 23, 2014-by  Scot DeCristofaro This morning I started hearing reports of problems in Camden with their water. By this afternoon I was reading about and tonight it is on the local evening news. Water is in very short supply RIGHT NOW in Camden. Water is very critical on

WATCH: Your Money $260 Million for 250 Jobs

July 13, 2014- New Jersey TV News ( Economic Development Authority approved $260 million in tax incentives for Holtec International to build and operate a facility in Camden.

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