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M.A.G.A.: Trump and Dem Candidates Dance to YMCA Tune in Viral Video

Florida lawyer whose work for WikiLeaks landed him before the Mueller Commission Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 20.42.00 and a small group of supporters of President Donald Trump just dropped on social media a humorous pro-MAGA video on the riffs of the 1970s disco anthem YMCA. 

Released about noon Monday, the video starts in the same fashion of The Village People's original song with vintage views of the Manhattan's old YMCA building -except that in his version, the real neon sign was replaced with MAGA.

In the parody by the fake band The American People, the faces of the original singers dressed to look like a motorcycle cop, an Indian Chief, a cowboy, a construction worker, a biker and a GI are replaced with the faces of Trump as the frontman and democratic presidential candidates.  (CONTINUE)

source DAILYMAIL.com

submitted by Bonnie F.