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Local Business Offers Bicycles

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 23, 2019)--The summer of 2019 was notable for many things, here in Gloucester City. Among the most notorious was the theft of many bicycles. Some local businesses stepped up to replace the bikes stolen from our young people. GOOD NEWS 21


RiverPark Pub began a campaign to collect money to replace those bikes. However, an individual came into the bar and stole the money jar that contained over $200.00. Although positive identification was made via a camera and video, the man has not been brought to justice.


RiverPark Pub took action again by collecting money from generous donors, matching those donations dollar for dollar!


Michael Soll, spokesperson for the pub stated, “We are trying to show our kids that, although there are always going to be some dishonest folks there are also those that are trying to help. Our goal is to replace every bike that was stolen this past summer!”


If your family suffered the loss of a child’s bike, please call 856.349.2274 and let the RiverPark family know if it was a boy’s or girl’s bike that was stolen. Also tell us what size bicycle your child had.


In order to qualify please drop off either A) a copy of the police report of the theft, or, B) a picture of the bicycle in your yard, at your home, or with your child. RiverPark Pub is located at the corner of Jersey Avenue and Water Street in Gloucester City.


Thanks to all of you that are helping lift up Gloucester City!