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Learn How NFL Betting Works and Ways to Win Big (October 24, 2019)--American football is one of the biggest sports on the planet and is quickly becoming a lucrative betting option for punters around the world. The sport is fast-paced and full adrenaline for fans and each season is capped off with the unique Super Bowl. That event is one of the most betted on sporting Football-760x507occasions of the year, but how can punters understand the different betting markets that are involved with the sport?


No sport can claim to have as many betting selections available to punters as the NFL, and sometimes punters can feel overwhelmed when they need to place their wager. However, we will take you through some of the most popular markets and detail precisely what punters need to do to ensure they can maximize their returns when betting on the NFL.


Betting Markets


The best way to bet on all NFL action is by using the Moneyline to bet on the winner of a match. This is by far, and away the simplest way to place a wager on the action and the bet is a straightforward win or lose depending on the result. The draw is removed from the equation in this market, and should the game end in a tie; then the stake will be returned. For example, if a punter bets on the Denver Broncos to beat the Kansas City Chiefs, then the bet will be a winner providing the Broncos win. If the Chiefs win, then the stake is lost, while if it is a draw, then the stake is returned. If you are looking for a solid offshore sportsbook, then you can use these NFL sports betting sites legally.

Handicap Betting

One of the most profitable ways to bet on the NFL action is by utilizing the handicap market. This market effectively levels out the difference between the sides by giving the favored side a disadvantage. This is the best way to bet on matches where the difference between the teams is big. However, should the punter bet on the fancied side with a -5 handicap, then they would need to win by at least six points for the bet to be a winner. For example, punters could bet on the Arizona Cardinals to beat the New York Giants with a -3 handicap. The bet will be a winner as long as the Cardinals win by at least four.

Total Match Points

The bets made don’t necessarily have to revolve around the winning team, and instead, the punter could opt to lay a wager on the amount of points scored in the game. Punters will have the choice to stake their money on either over or under. The bookmaker will set a benchmark, and the bet will be settled by whether that tally has been eclipsed. For instance, in a match between the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts, the benchmark could be set at 47. Punters could bet on whether they believe there will be more than that amount of points or not. If they stake their money on over, then there must be at least 48 points scored in total in the match for the bet to be a winner.

Double Result

A lucrative option to punters could be this market, where they must correctly predict the half time result as well as the full-time result. The odds on this market are higher since the punter must accurately predict two aspects of the game. For instance, punters could bet on the Los Angeles Rams being ahead at half time and then winning at full time against the Atlanta Falcons. The bet will be a winner providing that the Rams are winning at the break and win the match when the final whistle blows.

Winning Margin

Another lucrative betting avenue for NFL fans would be to predict the winning margin that a side wins by correctly. Punters will first have to predict the side that will win the match correctly and then by how many points they will win by. These are typically separated into different categories, with punters needing to predict the right margin with numbers going up in six. This means punters will have margins such as 1-6, 7-12, and 13-18 to bet on. For example, punters can bet on the Buffalo Bills beating the Miami Dolphins by between 13 and 18 points. The bet is a winner providing they do just that, however, the stake is lost if they don’t.


Steps to Ensure Maximum Chance of Winning

There is no full-proof plan to winning big when betting on the NFL. However, there are steps that punters can take to ensure that they have the best possible chance. By doing some of these research methods, they will be able to make a smarter bet, and therefore have an increased chance of winning more money in the long-term.

  • Form- The form of both sides is crucial reading for any punter. They must be aware of how both sides have performed over recent weeks and whether they are on a winning run or a losing one. They should also be mindful of the league positions, which could give a clear indicator of how sides may be performing.
  • Head to Head- The recent meetings between the two sides will also be a clear indicator. Some teams will have particularly bad records against others and may not have won at a particular stadium for years. These are pieces of information that punters should have.
  • Injury News- There is nothing worse than making a bet, and then realizing the side’s star player is on the treatment table and won’t play any part in the match that you have staked on. Punters should read the latest injury updates on NFL sides to ensure they don’t have an unpleasant surprise.
  • Odds- Finding the best odds for the match that the punter is betting on should be a top priority. There’s nothing worse than winning a bet and then realizing you could have won more by betting somewhere else. This is the best way to ensure that when you win, you win more.

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