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Indigenous Peoples' Day is October 14th; Check Out What’s Happening at Temple!


10:00 - 3:00:                        The 1st Annual NAISAT

                                      Indigenous Peoples' Day Colloquium*

Temple undergraduates will be presenting their work on the mythology and AROUND OUR TOWNSmisrepresentation of the Lenape (the indigenous people of the Philadelphia area). Swing by anytime during the day to look at their poster-presentations and hear and discuss traditional Lenape stories, mythological analysis, and information and initiatives concerning contemporary Lenape communities; new sessions begin every 30-60 minutes! Hosted by the Temple student organization NAISAT (Native American and Indigenous Studies at Temple).

10:00-2:00 at the Bell Tower: 1210 W Berks St. Philadelphia, PA 19122

2:00-3:00 in Anderson 821: 1835 N. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19122

(In case of inclement weather, 10:00-3:00 in Anderson 821)

See attached program. Contact for information.



4:00-4:45:                             The Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania

                                            Celebrates Indigenous Peoples' Day*

The Lenape are the original human inhabitants of the region that is now Delaware, New Jersey, southern New York, and eastern Pennsylvania. Lenape people continue to reside here and strive to maintain and revitalize their culture, language, traditions, and community. On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, join the Itchy Dog Singers and other members of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania for drumming, dancing, and ceremony. 4:00 at the Bell Tower: 1210 W Berks St. Philadelphia, PA 19122

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5:00:                             CHAT Reception and Art Exhibit*

The outdoor celebration will be followed by a reception in CHAT to mark the opening of the exhibit “Everyday Artistry, Enduring Presence: The Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania.”

5:00 at the Center for Humaities: 10th Floor Gladfelter Hall, 1115 Polett Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19122

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*NAISAT and the Center for Humanities are independent and unrelated organizations, and the above events are separately and independently conducted by their respective organizations.

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