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How to Spend a Weekend in Albany, New York


( 9, 2019)--A weekend in Albany is a dream for almost every traveling aficionado in the world! If you are already in Albany or planning to visit there, you will need to go through this article and make your trip worthwhile! Apart from knowing that Albany is the capital city of New York State, you must have heard that it’s the home of entertainment, adventure, great foods, unique culture, and art. Read this article to the end and discover hotels, restaurants, events, foods and drinks, shopping centers, and many more things that will make you want to go back there at every opportunity you get!


What You Need for You to Travel to Albany

Are you a United States citizen, or are you a foreigner? International travelers must apply for the ESTA. You can apply for ESTA online. You are required to answer the ESTA questions correctly. They aim at getting information on who you are and what you need to be eligible to travel here. You should apply for ESTA online three days before your visit to the United States.  Remember also to submit payment within 7 days of applying for ESTA. 

Where to Stay 

Albany has some of the best and classic hotels in the world. Are you staying alone or with your family? Never mind! You are guaranteed of exclusive hotels at competitive prices.  According to expert reviews and customer feedback, the following are some of the world-class hotels you can consider staying at while at Albany. Visit their websites and make bookings. 

ï         Quality Inn Central 

ï         Hilton Garde Inn

ï         Hampton Inn and Suites

ï         Travel Lodge Inn & Suites

ï         Red Roof Inn

ï         Howard Johnson

ï         Great Easts

ï         The Empire State Plaza.

Places to Explore

Do you know why Albany is a center for a tourist attraction? There are lots of historic and attractions sites that you will have to visit in Albany. Have you heard about the famous River Hudson?  Would you mind going on a road trip to the famous Wolves road?  You can embark on a sight seeing adventure in Albany and discover their rich history, culture, and inheritance.  Here are the top places that you can visit.

✓ New York State Museum

✓ Albany Institute of History and Culture

✓ Albany visitors center

✓ America Italia Museum and Cultural center

✓ The Oldstone fort

✓ Iroquois Indian Museum



Must Eat Foods in Albany

You can’t visit Albany and fail to taste their mouth-watering delicacies! Everyone who has visited Albany always goes back with a favorite food name tag.  Some tourists only come primarily to eat these foods! Come hungry and look out for the following dishes in any of their top restaurants.

➢ Green and Beans Passannante

➢ The Naan Pizza

➢ Famed Chicken

➢ Italian mix sandwich

➢ Vietnamese and Italian Cuisine

Are you wondering about the hotels you can go to for your lunch or dinner in search of the above exclusive foods? They are listed below.

Top Restaurants in Albany

It’s no secret that almost all hotels here have the best chefs, but of course, we can’t fail to name a few for you! Visit any of the following food paradises and enjoy your meals.

❖ Bake for You

❖ Cider Belly

❖ La Empanada Llama

❖ The Cheese Traveller

❖ Cardona Market

Exclusive Entertainment Zones for You

A weekend in Albany can’t be complete without entertainment. What intrigues you the most while having fun? Is it music, drinks, dance, or live performances? Albany top DJs and artistes give you an intimate environment that you can experience endless fun. After visiting the following entertainment areas, I'm sure you will come back the next day for more because a single night is never enough!

o   The Palace Theatre

o   The Egg

o   Times Union Centre

o   Capital Repertory Theatre

The Kind of Outdoor Activities that You Must do

There are a million activities that you can do while in Albany that will create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones.  The majority of tourists here like activities to do with art and performance. If a 90s Night in the City Beer Hall or Zombie Zips at Mountain Ridge Adventure, which is a no-go zone for the faint-hearted, is not perfect for you, then try the following activities.

▪ Saratoga Wine and Food festival

▪ Sightseeing trip on the River Hudson 

Best Shopping Centres

By now you must be thinking about getting a souvenir from Albany. You might also be planning about buying a gift for your friends back at home. You can even shop online while at Albany and get that item that will always remind you of the crazy moments you had at Albany! The following are some of the favorite shopping centers.

✓ The Lark street

✓ Stuyvesant Plaza

✓ Cross-Galla Mall

✓ Fort Orange General Store


In conclusion, Albany has lots of things that can make your weekend perfect. Enjoy staying at a high-quality hotel. Explore historical sites and find activities to do while out there. Eat their sweet foods at some of the best restaurants.  Entertain yourself in almost all the ways possible, and don’t forget to take a souvenir or a gift at the Albany Gift Shop to a loved one back at home!

images courtesy of Pixabay