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Election 2020: "Cory Booker Has Done Nothing Good for New Jersey",

We all know Cory Booker has done nothing good for New Jersey. He's the epitome of the Do-Nothing Democrat. Election

But he sure likes to blather about how much progress he's made, how much good he's done.

On and on he goes. Just one problem: He's got absolutely nothing to show for it.

When Booker has power, we see poverty, crime, dilapidation. And he has the nerve to say the solution to the problems he's created is to give him even more power.

He must think we're stupid or something.

I recently had the opportunity to address a national audience of 35 million — and I used it to call out crooked Cory Booker for failing the people of New Jersey.


That's me on the One America News Network. They're one of the few outlets that truthfully reports and refuses to back down in the face of leftist lies.

This interview is a step forward for our cause. You see, I don't have cronies in mainstream media. Unlike Spartacus, I believe New Jersey is far too important to sell out for money or power.

Our opponents fight dirty because they have to.

With your continued support, we'll be just as unstoppable in 2020.

Hirsh V. Singh
Hirsh V. Singh

For the People
Republican for U.S. Senate