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Dubai Ambulance recently added a C7 Corvette Grand Sport to its growing fleet of high-value first-response vehicles, along with a Nissan GT-R and a Range Rover.

The C7 Corvette Grand Sport and Nissan GT-R are decked out with the requisite Dubai Ambulance livery and emergency lights and sirens—just as a normal, van-based ambulance would be. The high-horsepower sports cars will be used as first-response vehicles, ensuring two medics can arrive on scene to emergencies faster than if they were in a regular ambulance. They were added to the medical team’s fleet as part of a Dubai government initiative that aims to reduce emergency response time to car accidents and other emergencies.

According to Dubai publication Gulf News, the vehicles will be deployed at various tourist hotspots in Dubai, such as the Dubai Mall, Dubai City Walk, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard and The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). Additionally, Dubai Ambulance plans to use them at sporting events where having a fast first-response vehicle may prove to be useful, such as cycling events, marathons and horse races.

Two medics will man the Corvette and GT-R at a time and the vehicles will also be equipped with CPR equipment, oxygen tanks and other medical equipment commonly used to treat accident and drowning victims.

Zulekha Hospital, a major hospital in the Dubai area, said the first-responder sports cars “are meant to reach the emergency scene first before the ambulance, in order to aid the accident and to save what can be saved until the ambulance arrives.”

“Zulekha Hospital extends their support to the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services First Responders with a brand-new Chevrolet Corvette,” the hospital also said.

Dubai Ambulance and the Dubai Police have many high-performance emergency response vehicles in their respective fleets, including but not limited to a Bugatti Veyron, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Lotus Evora, a Bentley Continental, a BMW i8 and even an Aston Martin One-77.


Source: Gulf News/Zulekha Hospital