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Controversial Topics Essay Writing (October 23, 2019)--It’s always important to write an essay that stands out. It needs to get the attention of the writer’s audience, including a professor. One can do this by writing an essay about gender roles, for example. Gender roles evoke controversial notions of equality and the role of gender in today’s society. When one chooses a topic like this, people pay attention.


Writing an essay that stands out isn’t the only thing that’s essential towards getting a good grade or a captivated audience, but it certainly helps. For those looking for a controversial topic to get attention, this article will look at a few of the major ones grabbing headlines today:



Climate Change – Climate change has become a major point of contention between the right and the left worldwide.

The most common way to take on the topic of climate change is to approach it from the perspective of climate change supporters versus the climate change deniers. This is one of the best approaches to the topic as it allows people to make an argument based on whether or not climate change is real.


By doing so, one can explore all of the facts and myths to support their approach. A good start, for instance, would be to talk a bit about the history of climate change starting with the original term of “Global Warming”, which was a misnomer that led to deniers claiming that winter storms during the early fall or late spring meant that it wasn’t real.


From then on, go into the scientific data supporting the reality of climate change, but then counter it with deniers’ claims that historically the planet goes through natural warming and cooling trends.


Once all of the different evidence and facts have been presented, the writer of the essay then can come to a conclusion, supported by the data they’ve just presented.


One doesn’t have to go purely with a large scale look at climate change, though. They can also take a look at other parts of it and use the topic of how climate change will affect water levels across the world, which has the potential to be disastrous or even to look at what elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere might lead to on a global scale. Those topics are all controversial, and all are related to the topic of climate change.


Gender Equality and Gender Roles – They’re both parts of the same pie and are among the more controversial topics in most developed countries today. With new generations come new ideas, and the Millennial and Post-Millennials are no exception.


Traditional gender roles have become a major issue with new terms like non-binary, gender-fluid, and transgender becoming common among younger generations. With that have come questions of improving gender equality in many nations.


Again, one can approach this from a direct question aimed at its validity or take a different perspective to create a controversial essay that makes people ask questions. The main approach would be to question gender equality in the twenty-first century.


This isn’t something that would be easy, but one could certainly gain perspective from looking at what gender equality and gender roles were from historical perspective. A big clue as to how people react to it is to understand how it evolved over time and to look at various cultures that blurred the lines of gender roles. One can then contrast it with today’s views. One might find that resistance to change isn’t all the different from centuries ago.


The other way to look at it is to take the topic from the view of the MeToo movement, which has managed to topple powerful people and embarrass others. One can look at just how a group of people on Twitter managed to change gender roles and gender equality so much in such a short period of time.


The “Fake News” Phenomenon – Nothing has encroached more into the political spectrum than accusations of fake news from all sides of the argument. Never before has it been seen where people of different political stripes are accusing each other of fake news and wild conspiracies!


Anyone looking for a controversial topic does not need to look further than this phenomenon affecting most of North America. This entire term and its proliferation were both the product of the current, sitting president of the United States, but it has changed over the last few years into a different animal.

The strange thing is that propaganda and the deliberate spreading of false rumors actually go back for centuries and was a commonly accepted tool in statecraft. The idea of regression, however, isn’t encouraging and would make the subject of an excellent controversial essay.


It’s also how it’s being used today that makes it such an interesting topic. The accusations of a story being fake news is something that can be thrown about so much that the public is left wondering what’s real and what’s fake. How does someone differentiate between the two? How should governments try to solve the problem? 


Another approach to the topic would be how someone, anyone, would come up with a way to stop the rise of fake news dead in its tracks. Is it possible that a counter-approach could result in it, just becoming a fad that one day fades away into history?


There are many different approaches to this topic, all of them bound to grab a person’s attention! Just remember to back up all arguments with facts that support the conclusion of the essay.


Don’t be afraid to be controversial – The most important part of picking a controversial topic is to stay open and honest. The topic is being discussed, so discuss it fully and with real facts to back it up. 


In the end, the best controversial topics that a student going for a college degree or a journalist can create do not entirely depend on the subject itself.  Picking topics on gender roles, equality, or the role of fake news in politics is a good start. A big part of it, however, is the writer, themselves.


Be confident and be concise. That will win ‘em over every time!


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