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Camden Council Candidate: "The phony progressive who lies about her own voting record..."


CAMDEN CITY NJ--You may have read recent emails from Camden City Councilwoman Felisha Reyes Morton about Susan Altman, a Hunterdon County Republican debutante who NJ politics 1pretends to live in Camden while constantly trashing our city’s amazing progress. This is the same Altman who works for a secretive organization that refuses to disclose the names of donors paying her to malign Camden. 

Altman claims that she was “inspired” to become a Democrat when Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, but her official state voting transcript suggests otherwise. In fact, her record shows that she didn’t even declare “Democrat” until eight years later. 

If she was so “inspired” by President Obama as she claims, why didn’t she bother voting for him or Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary? For starters, she was still a Republican. 

In 2011, Altman still wasn’t a Democrat and didn’t vote in the primary or general elections while living in North Jersey’s horse country. She did not cast her ballot against Republican State Senator Steve Oroho, one of the most conservative members of the Legislature, or against his right-wing colleagues. This was Governor Christie’s mid-term election after he slashed $3 billion in aid for New Jersey’s public schools, consistently vetoed funding for Planned Parenthood, and declared war on police, fire, and teachers unions. 

According to her own publicly-available voting record, despite being classified as an “active voter” in New Jersey, in 2012 Altman still wasn’t a Democrat and didn’t cast her ballot in the primary or general elections. She didn’t vote for President Barack Obama, Senator Bob Menendez, or the Democrat opposing right-wing extremist former Congressman Scott Garrett. 

Since Altman spends every waking moment attacking Camden and our leaders in inaccurate and misleading social media posts, it’s apparent she can’t even get her own story straight. 

It’s laughable that Altman is now “woke” as a newly-branded progressive activist after being a lifelong Republican and missing voting in 25 major elections but tweeted that she moved to Camden to run for public office. Now she’s being paid to lobby against Camden’s progress. 

It’s time to reject phony North Jersey elitists like Republican Altman who doesn’t know our city and doesn’t contribute to our continued success. 


Candidate for Camden City Council, Ward 2 Former Head Coach, Camden High School’s Championship Basketball Team