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Attention Pennsylvania Republicans

 It has come to our attention, George Soros and the far left activists are dumping millions of dollars in out of state money into the 2019 races.

We cannot let left wing liberals buy our elections.



It is undeniable that Pennsylvania will be the top battleground state in 2020, but the Democrats have started now, trying to buy the 2019 Courthouses.  Already, dark money from the far left wing has made its way to Pennsylvania. George Soros and his cronies have sent millions of dollars making moves with independent expenditures.  We can and must fight back!  

Can you help us fight back with a donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 TODAY?

Soros and his Impeachment obsessed friends think they can buy and bully their way from the Courthouse to the White House.  We can’t let this happen! 

We saw what happened when the Democrat held Courts gerrymandered the Pennsylvania Congressional districts.  Judges matter. We must elect our Republican candidates up and down the ballot this November who care about the rule of law and will not legislate from the bench.  

We cannot win in 2020 without electing Republicans in 2019!

Let’s send a message to the Extreme Left:  PA isn’t for sale to out-of-state darkmoney.  Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 can make all the difference.  

Friend, we need your help to ensure the Democrats don’t steal the election on November 5th! 


Lawrence Tabas


Republican Party of Pennsylvania



To:      Lawrence Tabas; Chairman Republican Party of Pennsylvania
CC:     Bernie Comfort; Vice Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania

From:  Gerry Wosewick; Executive Director, Republican Party of Pennsylvania

Date:   October 25, 2019

RE:      URGENT George Soros Funding Progressive Candidates in PA


As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer on October 25, 2019, George Soros is investing $1 million into electing liberal progressive candidates across the Commonwealth.  What is most alarming is his most recent six figure support of Delaware County DA candidate Jack Stollsteimer. Soros' funding of some of the most progressive candidates has led Pennsylvania to open injection sites, increased gun related crimes, and put law enforcement at risk.  

When George Soro’s makes financial commitments to candidates it puts people in danger.

First, George Soros contributed $1.7 million to then Philadelphia District Attorney candidate Larry Krasner, a radical Progressive who supports sanctuary cities.  After being elected District Attorney, Krasner has not been tough on crime - particularly gun crimes - sending criminals to Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) rather than prison.  An opinion piece in Philadelphia Magazine on June 27, 2019 reported on one of the troubling cases:

“Maalik Jackson-Wallace, for example, was given a second chance by Krasner’s office. Jackson-Wallace, whose case was highlighted by the Inquirer, was initially arrested on a gun possession charge. The case was sent to ARD and Jackson-Wallace received probation. He was arrested a second time for gun possession and released on unsecured bail. On June 13th, he was arrested again and charged with murder; police say he shot and killed a 26-year-old man. (Jackson-Wallace’s attorney claims it was in self-defense.)”

We cannot allow Soros to continue to pour millions of dollars into Pennsylvania to push his agenda.  His support of Stollsteimer will put Delaware county on the same path as Philadelphia, and that’s just the start.  If Soros is successful we do not know where he will push his agenda next, no county is safe. That’s why we need to stop him now.  

We need to reach out to our grassroots donors IMMEDIATELY for their support.  They are the reason that we elected Donald Trump and they will be the reason that we will defeat George Soros backed candidates like Jack Stollsteimer. 


Paid for by the Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's