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Photo by: Keith Allison / CC BY-SA 2.0 (9-19-2019)--It’s all over for the Boston Red Sox as long-term rivals, the New York Yankees, have officially knocked them out of contention for the 2019 American League East division. 

Winning hopes are crushed

Earlier in September, the Yankees swooped into town and beat the Red Sox 5-0. Not only did they send them into third place, but they also ended the Sox’ three-year reign at the top. With the Boston team now sitting eighteen and a half games behind the Bombers (who are currently in first place) there’s no hope that they’ll be able to climb back up and secure a fourth win. 

A colorful year

The defeat of the three-time reigning champs has left pundits and baseball fans alike in shock. The Red Sox were shoe-ins to win the American League once again in 2019, even odds comparison sites like Oddschecker had them listed with the most favorable odds to win at the start of the gaming season. However, a quick glance at the two teams’ history so far this year gives a pretty good indication of why events panned out the way they did. 

The Bombers and the Red Sox have faced each other a total of 19 times this year, with the game on 10th Sept. being the final. Out of all 19 games, it’s the Yankees who have won the most, a pretty substantial 14 in total. The equal footing that the teams were on back in 2018 now seems like a distant memory; even Sox manager Alex Cora had to admit that “(the Yankees) are doing a lot of things better ...we're not playing at the same level...they just dominated us”. 

The final nail in the coffin

In 2018, overall winners the Sox may have racked up a total win of 108 games in the division, but they had a pretty narrow lead over the Yankees of just 10 - 9. 

It was a different story come Monday, September 9th. All year, James Paxton has been a dominant force on the pitch, making small work of the Red Sox, with this game being no exception. David Ortiz, who according to Cora has “always been a good pitcher”, may have started out throwing the first pitch, but he spent the rest of the game sitting in the first row until he left during the late innings. It was a sad night for Ortiz, but a triumphant one for Paxton, who now has a 3-1 against the Sox with a 3.38 ERA. 

The night ended with the Sox 8 and ½ games behind in the wild card standings, but then with 18 games left to play, there would be no postseason glory this time around.