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Support for 'Spartacus' - All Shriveled Up

We've really come a long way in recent months. I am endlessly grateful for your support. New jersey politics 2 copy

Generous patriots like you make our mission possible. It's why we're extremely close to ending Cory Booker's political career.

You can help us give Booker that final push goodbye.

Cory Booker's in trouble.
Cory Booker can't hide his true self any longer. Just take a look:

First, he decided "I'm gonna be the President!" But at some point he realized "Uh oh, I might not win the Primary."

So he gets his Democrat cronies to change the law to let him run for both President and the Senate at the same time.

...then it all hilariously backfires. Look at what remains of his support:
Hey Cory, reality's a cruel mistress isn't it?
Exposing Cory Booker and corrupt Democrats like him is exactlywhy we need to smash our September and Third Quarter fundraising goals.

It happens only with your help.
Booker is preparing to limp back to New Jersey right now. He's been thrashed by the other Democrats — and he'll be looking to take it out on us.

The same cronies he deployed to fund his Presidential run will be called to help him steal the Senate. That's why our battalion needs to be well-stocked.
Cory Booker: Subverting America.

If Booker seizes six more years in the Senate, imagine what our nation will look like in 2027. Your taxes, your healthcare, your rights. Our courts, our borders, our children's education all of it hangs in the balance now.

We can't let it happen. Not on our watch.

Please contribute to our war chest now. The current quarter ends at midnight on September 30th — contributions received prior to that time will send a strong message to the entire nation and build momentum for the next one.

I promise you every dollar will be used to keep Cory Booker out of power for good.

Hirsh V. Singh
Hirsh V. Singh

For the People
Republican for U.S. Senate