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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Gang of Cellphone Thieves Beat Man in Minneapolis (September 16, 2019)--A dozen or more gang members stealing cellphones in Minneapolis viciously attacked two innocent men at the Target Field Plaza last month according to the September 12 issue of the Daily Mail.  

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Footage shows a dozen or more teenagers and young men preying on a man near Target Field. The thugs viciously beat and stomp the victim. Knocked to the ground, the unconscious male, is struck repeatedly in the head and body by the thugs. At one point one of the goons smacks the man with a flower pot. Another lowlife rides his bike over the man as he lays on the sidewalk unable to move.  (photo courtesy of The

The Target Field Plaza is located in the 5th Congressional District, also known as 'Little Mogadishu' which is represented by Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. According to a January 19 article in The Tennessee Star, Minneapolis  ‘Little Mogadishu’ saw a 56 percent increase in violent crimes caused by Somali gangs. Minnesota Demographers Office estimate that there are between 40,200 and 52,400 Somalis in Minnesota.

Police in Minneapolis has arrested more than a dozen suspected gang members involved in this attack. Some of them as young as 13. They have been accused of preying on drunk people and robbing their cellphones and valuables in a series of violent attacks.

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