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Gloucester City Businesses and Accessibility (September 10,2019)--Businesses in Gloucester City and the surrounding areas in New Jersey and Philadelphia need to increase their awareness of disability laws and accessibility if they are going to succeed. More businesses are now becoming certified in New Jersey to cater to disabled people and those with special requirements.

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In the area itself, the Philadephia Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities has been created to help make the city more inclusive for people physically limited by disabilities. Read on to find out what your business can do to be more inclusive and the laws that are applicable to you.

Accessibility Laws

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 gives disabled people the right to access public services and goods regardless of their physical disability and states that businesses must comply with the ADA law, taking legitimate action to support disabled people and make their premises accessible. This means that companies are not permitted to discriminate against disabled people when hiring for a job, and must take proactive steps to make their premises and services available for those with a disability. Although not all businesses have to comply with the ADA, those providing services such as restaurants and cafes, shops and offices, must take reasonable steps to open their businesses to disabled people.

Features of Accessible Businesses

  • Businesses can create an accessible environment for disabled people by building facilities such as accessible toilets, which can help disabled people to use this facility in a comfortable manner. For instance, accessible toilets Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 10.45.49should have grab rails, alarm pulls in case of emergency, have hand dryers and other facilities such as sinks closer to ground level, and have space in the cubicle to maneuver a wheelchair. At, they can help you to get the disabled bathrooms that businesses need through their custom measurements and add-on accessories such as grab rails that can cater to the needs of disabled people.
  • Businesses should also arrange for a number of accessible parking spaces close to the entrance of the building, as this can make it easy for disabled people who have reduced mobility, or who need an extra-large parking space to move equipment. You should make sure that these are properly marked so that they always be available for disabled people’s use.
  • Businesses install ramps and elevators in buildings so that disabled people can enter the building and different rooms easily, and so that they are not barred from accessing the higher floors of your business.
  • Seating should also cater for a range of different disabilities, such as raised and sturdier seating for those who struggle to stand. Businesses should also make sure that they have space available in meeting rooms and other seated areas for a wheelchair.
  • For those that are visual and audio impairments, there is a range of solutions businesses can utilize. They should also make sure that they have an assortment of different sensory cues, such as braille on signs, contrasting colors on signs, and bright lighting so that people are able to see where they are going.

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