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New Sign for "Drag Way"; Criminals Charged with Major Crimes Set Free; Brooklawn Super Wawa Opening Soon

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EAST THOMPSON AVENUE RECEIVES A STREET SIGN--Employees from the Gloucester City Public Works were seen erecting a 15mph street sign at the intersection of East Thompson Avenue and South Stinson Avenue on Wednesday, Sept. 25. There is a similar 15mph sign, which has been there for a decade or more, standing a few feet from

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the new one. There are no speed limit signs at all on the other side of the street from Cold Springs Drive to Lane Avenue.

 Some Riverview Heights residents living in that neighborhood have named East Thompson Avenue "Atco Drag Way", after the longstanding 1/4 mile race track for dragsters in Atco, NJ.  

Gloucester City Police Chief Brian Morrell said he has approached mayor and council about the residents requests. "Council said they would look into the residents concerns. Since school started I have had two officers patrolling the area, handing out parking tickets to those cars parking illegally near the school, and stopping those who drive too fast. We can't use radar on East Thompson because drivers would see the patrol car and slow down. I am looking into obtaining an electronic sign that shows how fast a driver is going." Morrell said the Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO) quit recently which is why his patrolmen were writing out the parking tickets.

Tips and snippetsFor years neighbors have complained to the police department about vehicles speeding on Thompson Avenue between Lane Avenue and Cold Springs Drive. The problem increases when the nearby Cold Spring School complex opens in September and continues throughout the school year, according to people we have spoken to. There are over 1000 students enrolled in the two schools at that site. 

The Riverview Heights residents say cars and trucks drive much faster than the designated 15 miles per hour. Besides more signage, the residents have asked for a stop sign erected at Thompson and Harley Avenues, which is located half-way between Lane Ave and Cold Springs Drive. 

According to one resident, his dog was hit by a speeding car earlier this year. "Our dog had gotten out of the yard. And was hit as he ran across Thompson Avenue. The driver did stop to see if my dog was okay; which it was. A child could have been hit just as easily. The way these cars speed back and forth, it is not safe. There have been times when drivers were going so fast they couldn't slow down as they turn onto Colds Springs Drive. As a result, they hit the street light that was standing on that corner."

In 2015 Christine K commented on the problem, stating, "My mom lives on Thompson Ave. That street is a residential area that is usually a very quiet street. Now it's bombarded with people speeding up and down the street to drop off and pick up children. It's going to end up causing an accident or someone getting hit by a car. Besides the school needing to make drastic adjustments for the traffic and parking issues, residents of Gloucester (some not all) need to respect the speed limit and stop signs of the area. We're all frustrated with the issues right now, but it doesn't give anyone a right to speed down the streets at 40 mph or so."

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CRIMINALS CHARGED WITH MAJOR CRIMES SET FREE—Three men who have been charged with violent crimes have been recently released from jails by local authorities in New Jersey despite the fact that the Federal immigration personnel are looking for them. is reporting that despite ICE requests to keep them locked up until federal authorities could take them into custody the complete opposite happened; they were released. 

Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey designated NJ a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants when he was installed as Governor in 2018.

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 20.43.42
Luciano Trejo-Dominguez
Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 20.43.42
Edgar Camarillo-Ruiz
Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 20.43.42
Elvis Rafael Cabrera-Vasquez

The three include: 


  • Luciano Trejo-Dominguez, a 33-year-old cook from Bridgeton was charged with
    raping a teen who was younger than 16.  Trejo-Dominguez was arrested Aug. 12 by Vineland police on the charges, which also included criminal restraint, criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said its office in Mount Laurel as well as the Pacific Enforcement Response Center filed detainers with the Cumberland County Jail, which did not honor the request and released the Mexican national from custody on Aug. 23.


  • Edgar Camarillo-Ruiz, 33, a Mexican national who was arrested by New Brunswick police on Aug. 18 on charges of domestic violence and simple assault. ICE lodged a
    detainer for Camarillo-Ruiz on Aug. 19, but the Middlesex County jail released him, ICE said.


  • Elvis Rafael Cabrera-Vasquez, a janitor who was arrested Dec. 24 by Perth Amboy police on domestic violence simple assault charges. The Middlesex County Jail released Cabrera-Vasquez, a Dominican national, who was arrested again in Perth Amboy on Feb. 14 on charges of violating a restraining order.

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BROOKLAWN SUPER WAWA OPENING SOON--The new super Wawa built on the former Metro Diner property, Route 130 and Browning Road, Brooklawn, is set to open on October 10 according to Mark Mathews, former CNBNews columnist and owner of 

The nearby Classic Wawa, 1155 West Browning Road, Bellmawr, which is just a few blocks away from the new building will close its doors on October 9. 

The rumors about a super Wawa coming to Brooklawn began in 2013. The gossip, mostly coming from Metro employees, off the record, surfaced again in 2015 and again in December 2016. Each time we contacted a spokesperson for the Metro and each time we were told the rumor was false. In December 2016 a spokesperson said, “Rumors and offers go back and forth for years now. But we are still here.”  In 2015 the Metro was to have sold for $14 million. When we asked manager Gerry Tsokantas if there was any validity to the gossip he said, “Who is saying that? If I had $14 million in my pocket I wouldn’t be here, I would be somewhere in the Caribbean,” he said with a smile. “We are here to stay!”.   

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Good-Bye Metro

Lease Brooklawn WaWa, Price $7.8Million  

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