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Delaware State Drug Suspects Living in Gloucester City Are Illegal Aliens

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 16.6.23(US. Justice Department press conference see video below)

Editor's Note: We contacted the U.S. Justice Department in Delaware for some follow up questions about their drug bust in Gloucester City at the Crescent Trailer Park, 1400 Crescent Blvd. on August 21, 2019 .  The two suspects were living on Birch Avenue, according to Gloucester City Police Lt. Steve Burkhardt, department spokesperson. Burkhardt said the local police were not involved in the investigation but the detective bureau did assist with the search warrant execution. The written answers to our questions were received from Kim Reeves, Public Information Officer for the United States Attorneys Office, Delaware (USAO DE)

Specifically we wanted to know the following: 

Were the two suspects, Julian Rivera-Villa and Ricardo Perez-Guillen living in the City of Gloucester City, the state of NJ here legally?

Answer: No, they are both Mexican nationals and are in the country illegally

How did Delaware authorities end up in Gloucester City?

Answer: As a result of the defendants arrest in Delaware, a search warrant was issued for the residence in Gloucester City, NJ

Did the suspects sell illegal drugs from their home in Gloucester City to anyone?

Answer: The investigation is still ongoing

Was there anyone else living with them at that location?

Answer: The investigation is still ongoing

How long were Delaware authorities investigating the suspects?

Answer: Three months

Largest Federal Heroin and Fentanyl-Laced Seizure In Delaware History...street value over $1M—Perez-Guillen was arrested after selling a kilogram of heroin and 600 fake Oxycodone pills containing fentanyl in New Castle, Delaware.  Rivera-Villa was arrested outside the residence he shared with Perez-Guillen in Gloucester City, New Jersey. A subsequent search of that residence yielded approximately 7 additional kilograms of heroin; 3 kilograms of cocaine; 14,000 fake Oxycodone pills that tested positive for the presence of fentanyl and over $28,000 in cash.   Law enforcement also seized another 2 kilograms of heroin from a car registered to Perez-Guillen.  Those kilograms of heroin were hidden in traps located behind the car’s rear seats.



It’s Official: New Jersey Is a Sanctuary State

On Friday, March 20, 2019, the New Jersey Immigrant Trust Directive went into effect—essentially ending any cooperation between the State and Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) on immigration enforcement matters.  Announced in December of 2018 by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal, the Immigrant Trust Directive effectively declared New Jersey a “sanctuary state.”

Effective last Friday, the directive prohibits state, county, and local law enforcement agencies, including police, prosecutors, county detectives, sheriff’s officers, and correction officers from doing the following: continue 


Two Gloucester City Residents Arrested in Delaware for Selling Heroin


published | September 1, 2019