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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: End of Life Decisions

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor

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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--When a pet passes away you will want to arrange for cremation or burial. It’s best to think about these issues before the grieving process starts.

Check the Internet for costs associated with burial or cremation ahead of time. You don’t want the added expenses associated with a beloved pet’s demise, to surprise you. If your dog is elderly or very sick, plan ahead.

   When you’ve made the difficult decision to end a pet’s suffering it’s best to research costs and compare what each clinic or veterinary practice offers in the way of comfort care during the procedure. Some places seem rather cold and unsympathetic while others treat you and your buddy with compassion.

   Costs vary greatly. In this area practices charge between $125 and $350 for euthanasia. Do your research ahead of time!

   If you have questions about this or any other dog-related issue, email me at or call or text 856.981.8957. There is never a fee for phone or email consultation.

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