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Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Parking Matters

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor


ConfusedOver the years I’ve gotten quite a few tickets for parking my car on the street cleaner’s route. Everyone I know complains about it and everyone has gotten a ticket at one time or another. All except for Mr. Down.


I don’t think it’s fair that this fellow parks wherever he wants and never gets a ticket! If you look carefully enough you can even see the water marks where the cleaner went around his car!


I should say, “cars” because he seems to have about a hundred of them! True, most of them are clunkers but golly, how many does he need? Is he using all of them, are they for sale, or does he lend them out to friends?


He must be a very odd fellow. Even at birth, they labeled him with the name, “Broke”. Who names their kid “Broke”? Ok, in fairness I named one of my kids, “Dino” but it suits him and he likes it, so there.


I complained to a neighbor about Broke Down circumventing the law and she looked at me like I was nuts. Then, she laughed. I figure she’s either dating him or is driving one of his cars.


If you see one of Mr. Down’s cars on the street, think about parking near him. Maybe the city will consider it a package deal and you won’t have to trudge on over to the courthouse and hand over twenty-five bucks just for parking in front of your house on a Tuesday.


I suppose there are many things I just don’t understand. On the other hand, I don’t think I want the drama of knowing what’s going on behind the scenes. I just want to muddle through things on my own and not worry about being Broke Down or anybody else other than me.


Just Sayin’,

Dawn Watson

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